Life through the eyes of a pampered Bulldog.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Holidays are for....

Wow! So much has happened since I last wrote-
Mom has a new job where she gets to play with makeup and girlie stuff all day long and put that expensive stuff all over her clients faces.... (better them than I!) So I am not really allowed on here very much.
In November, Dad had a birthday and mom had a surprise party for him- inviting all his old friends that he hasnt seen for ages... Some came from streets away, miles away, citys away, and States away... our house was soo packed and I loved every minute of it!
I got a little too excited so mom and dad gave me one of those herbal calm treats- needless to say, I was conked out!
The next day, my good buddy old pal Gunner came over and we hung out in the kitchen and posed for pics and treats...

THEN, my 2nd BIRTHDAY was on December 11th!!!!
I of course wasnt surprised to see my new toys mom and dad got me- I also got some early christmas presents from my uncle Alex and aunt Kaycie- and of course my main Gal, Zoey.
She got me a couple toys - one was dressed like a santa claus and it sang ( it only took me a few minutes to break the singer in it) - (Of course, mom took it away from me once the stuffing came out- shes evil....she thinks Im stupid enough to eat the stuffing inside.....I mean come on, I only pooped out stuffing like 3 other times before- thats nothing!)
I also got a big basket with all sorts of treats in it... There were dog cookies, doggie beer, doggie jerkey, and a PUP- ERONI PIZZA!!! I was in heaven! - mom was too because its all natural stuff!

Of course I cant fail to mention the dreaded christmas pictures I had to endure.....

I have decided that holidays are 4 for 1 good over evil...
I suppose I can endure a few santa hat pictures for a boat load of treats and toys!
(oh and who knew you arent supposed to pee on the lighted tree? I think our humans are going a little nutso with this new rule!- why have a tree in the house if you cant pee on it?)
I think I need to consult the mailman about this rule too...
(since he is the bearer of all new things to come- good and bad)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Delayed Howl-o-ween Pictures!

Here are the Howl -o-ween pics where I was dressed up as Zorro- ( I had a mask too but I tried to eat it and mom threw it away)
As you can tell in some if the pics, we had a fog machine going for dads spooky stew he was brewing up (he was a crazy mad butcher ) I was pretty much lurking in the fog as we 'Zorro-ites' do (although everyonce in a while, I had to come out for some air because boy does that stuff choke ya up!! Sorry it took so long, stupid blogger wouldnt let me post any new pics on the last blog!- they really need to get that fixed!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Whooo weeee!! I am sooo pooped out! Tonight was trick or treat here for the kids in our neighborhood and we passed out candy. Our house was all decorated up with spooky spider webs and lights and scarecrows with pumpkins ( one carved as a scary spider and the other carved as a bulldog with spikes!) and a fog machine with a table decorated up with that fake blood stuff (because Dad was a Mad Butcher) We had soo many kids come by and we ran out of that scrumptious candy that I'm of course never allowed to have.....(whatever mom says goes- ugh) But the kids loved me and my costume! I got to lick at least like 20 kids (Mom was hating that idea because she is so weird about me licking the hands of little kids for fear I will get sick or something- she's so anal! hehe) But I had fun! My costume this year was the same as last because at last minute my other costume fell through- So, I agreed to wear my old one with style! I was Zorro, with a cape and my hat - I had a mask too but I tried to eat it and well.... It got destroyed ...hehehe But I got so many compliments on my costume and I knew I looked good too so I puffed my chest out and strutted my stuff baby!
Mom was a witch (how ironic hehehe) (sorry mom if you are reading this- can't you smell a joke like I can?) and she had a real funny hat and the whole costume on but in the midst of everything fun, she decided to go put some jeans on because she was apparently freezing- what a wimp! (I'll let you in on a little secret though, it was pretty cold towards the end of Trick or Treating because I was starting to shiver! - yes I know what you are thinking, with all that blubber you cant be cold right?!- Actually NO! It was cold!--- BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE I TOLD YOU THAT- IT WOULD TOTALLY RUIN MY TOUGH GUY REPUTATION! hehehe)
But yeah, I was a good boy and stayed by mom to protect her from the bigger monsters that came up for the candy! I was very polite too I might add :) I sat there and smiled at them and if their mommies allowed them to, they would come up and pet me and I would lick their faces! ( oh yeah, the human youngsters love that little trick of mine hehe)
But all in all, it was a great Halloween! (or Trick or Treat I should say- Actually, Halloween isn't until next Tuesday- and me and some other dogs have made a secret pact to howl at the moon at midnight to freak our Rents' out hehe- so if you or someone you know are interested in joining our secret 'Howling Plan', let me know and Ill add your name to the list!!!hehe) ;)

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Time for a change in weather

I have been hearing talks of Halloween this year. Mom wants me to be a pumpkin like my girlfriend, Zoey, and Dad wants me to be a vampire dog because he says I have the fangs down pat!
I dont really care this year what I am as long as I get to hang out on the porch and lick the faces of all the kids that come up to get the candy!
Man I am not looking forawad to this Winter weather... I was soo cold yesterday I was shivering on the floor- yes with all my blubber, I was shivering.... and Mom put a shirt on me... It warmed me up quite a bit. She took me outside where finally the sun was shining and I laid there and tried to soak up as much sun as I could before I went back into the house.
Why cant it be summertime all year around? Stupid Ohio... I think Im going to go to the mailman and tell him I want there to be no more winter. He should know what to do. After all, he is the person who brings all the change anyway right? He brings good news, he brings bad news, he should be able to change the weather right? We'll see.....

Friday, September 22, 2006

Party Boy

Well, today was my Grammie's 49th Birthday AND I got to deliver the presents! Litterally! Mom and Dad tied her card and wrapped up her presents (a bunch of Lottery tickets) to my collar and I ran and delievered them to her! She was so surprised she started laughing histerically and said 'oh my goodness we've got a party boy...thank you Cyrus!!' I did a great job! I know I did too! heheh The card that we had for Grammie had a pic of me wearing my Hawaiian gear, and said 'Are you ready to party?' and had a neat rhyme inside... Of course I came up with that too but mom will NOT let me take any credit for it because I guess she is trying to teach me to be more 'humble'- grrrr... Dad says 'what can you expect?... He's a stud'... and then Mom always says - 'Well blah blah he needs to learn...blah blah... no treats until he learns to be more polite... blah blah... he needs another baffie...blah blah blah blah...look how cute he is- then comes all the cutesy pictures and such....blah blah blah....ugh-
Dad says I'll 'realize one of theese days when your Mom starts not spoiling you anymore'
He doesnt know it but, I know how to work the system...I know how to make mom feel sorry for me and treat me and then act like I am starving then dad gives me treats too- hahahah shhh... dont tell!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Not having any hot water really has taken a toll on everyone here at the house... Everyone is so cranky- Including moi!
Mom and dad had to go pick up a new tank today and I had to watch dad carry that big thing downstairs by himself.... I tried to go downstairs to help but the steps were too steep for me and the fact that I'm sure that there are monsters down there in the dark, didn't make it very appealing for me to help... Come to think of it, I know there has to be monsters down there because every time something bad happens in the house, the 'Rents always run down there.... And I'm sure its to see what the monsters have been tearing up down there....
I always try to stand at the steps, puff my chest out and grumble for them to beware of me..... Yeah, I know.... 'They don't want none of this'..........They are scared- I know....

So dad is on a new XBOX 360 kick again... He has been playing this zombie game and mom got bored (imagine that-) and he asked me if I wanted to play... Of course I did! Of course mom had to ruin the intensity and focus of the game by taking another annoying picture....
Dad tells me I need to be more respectful to mom and quit complaining about her or shell cut my allowance (treats) down to zilch.... What does he expect? I'm nearing 2 and technically, it makes me a teenager!......Besides, Mom knows I am her protector....She tells me I'm a good boy for barking at the monsters (okay technically, they are shadows, but I'm not taking any chances) in the yard at night when I go potty and mom follows..... And those friggin pool floaties!.... They come up above the edge of the pool and I swear they are dangerous to her health....I know too, they can't fool me, I know they taunt me and tell me that they are gonna get her... I know...
Not on my time! See?! I love my mom.... (Just don't tell her that or she'll go all cutesy on me)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


My foot is feeling much better... It has been raining like crazy.... Last night the 'Rents had somewhat of a Nip/Tuck party.... They love that show....I don't mind though because there is always excitement in the air after its over or commercial time.....
I must have been too rowdy because dad brocaded me in the kitchen away from all the people... He told me to 'Settle Down'... I know what that means, and I know that he was a little peeved with me...
Today our hot water tank decided to take a platz... (hehe so dad says) he has been down in the basement all day draining it and cussing like a sailor.... Mom thinks its funny hahah
I guess dad was flying out into the garage -in his massaging slippers in the rain and fell and busted himself up pretty good- I tried to lick him to make him feel better while Mom had absolutely no sympathy because she was laughing so hard she couldn't even look at him, let alone get a bandaid... So she's been calling him 'Gimpy'.....She is heartless.....

Monday, September 11, 2006

Feeling the Oats!

So, yesterday I was really 'feeling my oats' so mom says... I was apparently annoying the crap out of the 'Rents because mom decided to start bugging me right back- first she got out the toe nail polish - which, thank god Dad stopped before I was brindle and white with PINK all over!
Then she layered me up with some hula lays, then she got the bright idea to put her sweatshirt on me- oddly enough, it actually fit me!- Mom had to even cut the neck of it a little bit to get it over my big head! (oh well, you know what they say about having a big head?- That you have big brains!) Take that my silly little human master! My brains are bigger than yours! AHA!
Needless to say, I was so pooped out (tired) that I was the one that ended up being annoyed.... She always gets me in the end.... Darn her!
Today Im bummed out... not only did it rain outside but, my left front paw is sore.... I have another one of those 'Interdigital Cysts' so I had to stand in the tub for a half an hour in warm water and epson salts - GRRR!
Fortunately, for me, they only seem to last about a week when they are caught when it hurts the most or is red and puffy...
Mom says that bulldogs get them most and no one really seems to know how or why dogs get them but are probably caused by debris in between my toes....(YEAH LIKE STUPID OLD PINE NEEDLES!) Oh man, I hope she didnt hear me... I heard them talking about me saying that Dog Boots are going to be a must have item for this winter.... Im not to fond of the idea because my luck, mom will friggin buy me some hot pink ones- Hopefully Dad will step in.....

So now, I am lounging around with my new akc bird toy with an herbal calmative in my system and stinky Bag Balm in between my toes! I feel better though... I at least dont feel the urge to lick the bump off my foot!
So its Kick Back and Relaxin' time!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In the doghouse

So, I guess I'm back in the proverbial dog house again :o(
Mom and Grammie decided they would move stuff around everywhere and they friggin moved my bed and crumpled it all around and so I got mad and peed on the side of the chair and refused to go outside and poop....So I crapped on the kitchen floor....WELL! THEY WERE THE ONES WHO MOVED ALL MY STUFF AROUND!
So, I'm sulking today...Maybe it will earn me a little bit of sympathy points towards a new greenie? :o) or :o( ? We'll see....

My Horoscope

So, Mom is reading more and more up on how to 'balance her Chakra' - whatever the heck that means- so anyway with all the 'mystical' research she has been doing, I decided I would check out my Doggie Horoscope (I have a link to the site)so here goes:
(November 23 - December 21)
Sign of The Archer
Ruling Planet - Jupiter
Most Desirable Qualities - Nature Loving, active (this is definitely me)
Talent - Hunting (hmmm hunting- interesting)
Physical Characteristics - Well-balanced body, ankles and feet will be fine and delicate (Ill never hear the end of this one as soon as my dad sees the 'delicate feet' part- ugh he already says I sometimes hop like a school girl)
Lucky Day - Monday
Most Harmonious Signs - Sagittarius, Leo, Aries (well My Gramps is a Leo and Mom and Toby the cat are Aries)
Sagittarius is the Sign of the Archer and this signifies that you definitely have a purpose or aim in life. You are also a natural born hunter and will stalk anything that moves including ants, butterflies, and old newspapers.( Yeah I guess I do hunt- I will definitely bark at stuff if it has been moved and I DO NOT like pesky ants- they like to bite my belly)
You have tremendous vitality are very alert and interested in everything that goes on.(True) In fact your nose is usually in everyone else's business and you consult the corner fire hydrant or local favorite tree to find out who's in town.(Yes this is VERY TRUE) This curiosity also leads you down the street and into some places you may not be welcome, and you often come home having adopted an orphan.(Well, I did sneak off one time- and it scared the bejeeseys out of me and I tried to jump into the neighbors pool-and as you know, Bulldogs cant swim without life jackets- and the Rents' were really worried)You have a very passionate temperament and are sensitive and sympathetic to the moods of those around you.(See, I knew someone would finally get me- I hope mom reads this- I'm in the mood for a treat!)You adore good living, happy and congenial companions. With a huge sigh of contentment you will claim the most comfortable chair in the house and sink wearily into it. (Yes that's right- the couch is MINE! So, the cat needs to keep his little mits off of it too!- Just cause I'm not always allowed in the living room, doesn't mean he is either!- He'd better recognize! Oh, and yes it is true-good living is very true, I REQUIRE a fresh clean sheet on my bed every time I take a baffie- Otherwise, I grumble and tear it off myself- The Rents' think its funny, but, who wants to sleep on unclean sheets? I must be typing outloud because mom says I am getting a bit too ahead of myself and that I 'need to take it down a notch or two' ...... Stinkin' Rents- ugh)
Key words: enthusiastic, optimistic, philosophical, restless describe you!(Yes I would like to believe I am Philosophical- in fact, I know there is a thing called Karma because when I fart- I reach around to smell it and by the time I make a complete turn back around, its in my face again!- See?! )
Harsh words or tone of voice will cause you resentment and you will pretend to not understand. A bath is revolting and so are cats.(Well I actually like baffies, I love the scrub down and the Cyrus 500 laps around the kitchen table to dry the wrinkles- but I just don't like the words ' CYRUS WANNA BAFFIE?' they make me cringe- but I don't have a problem jumping into the tub and standing like a perfect gentleman while mom 'scrubs the stink off of me'.... And I do like cats- they just don't like me- the only ones I don't really like are the ones who get into the trash and tear up the yard and try to get at the fish in the rock pond)
Looking for love in all the wrong places? Well sometimes you are considered just too frank and candid.(chhaaa yeah, that's for sure) Wait till someone sniffs first next time, then you can be very responsive to love.(Yeah I got that one down by now- when I was about 3 months old, I was lookin for love from the then outside cat, Chloe, and she scratched my eye! I had to be rushed to the emergency vet in another state, but luckily she only got my 3rd eyelid and it didn't do any harm to me- needless to say, we don't have an outside cat anymore because of that incident)
According to the stars your best companion would be one born between May 21 to June 21.(Hmm I think Zoey was born in between those months- Ill have to ask her)
While you seek vigorous activity even in your later years your delicate legs must be cared for!! No rough jumping over fences.(Yeah, yeah, yeah- I hear that crap all the time 'NO JUMPING' AND 'YOU'RE TOO BIG YOU WONT FIT UP THERE, YOU'LL BREAK YOUR LEG JUMPING OFF THERE' ugh- I cant have any fun!)
Life will be good you this year. Your lucky number is 2 and so of course this year should be even more lucky. Your most favorite color is green
.(WOW! MY FAVORITE COLOR IS GREEN!! I FAVOR EVERYTHING THAT IS GREEN AND MY COLLAR IS GREEN!! And the #2 part is pretty cool cause, In December, I am going to be turning 2!)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Zoo in the back yard?

Im a little less mad at my mom today.... She has been giving me treats all day. But I think Im gonna milk this up while I can!
Nothing new to talk about... although I am noticing a weird new trend in the back yard and Im thinking its turning into a Zoo. Last week there were terrible bees (I tried to pee on their 'nesting place' and they got a little mad- but it was MY pee post! - well actually it is mom's flower pot basket but its MY PEE POST..... I like it so therefore its MINE (dad says I get that mentality from mom heheh)) anyway, there were terrible bees and then came the slugs, then came the tomcats (who like to get into our trash and tear up the yard - so I chase them off) and NOW we have a new FROG! Mom thinks that it was our giant Bullfrog, Harriet who ran -or I should say HOPPED- away's, baby. But we dont know. He is really teenie tiny. I think I shall call him Dinky. But even though hes small, Im still going to have to go have a talk with him and let him know who rules the roost around here... Mom says I should behave but, I think it's only fair because he is in fact at the bottom of the pecking order right? I think so.....

Thursday, August 24, 2006


First of all Im just gonna come right out and say it. I'M MAD!
Im so mad at my mom right now I don't even want to look at her. Okay so earlier Mom went and met my aunt Kelly somewhere and they ate. This is all fine. They then went and shopped around. This is still fine. Later, they decide to go to PETLAND - WITHOUT ME! This is not fine! For one, I never got to go and strut my stuff in front of the other dogs and for two, I DIDN'T get to pick out a new toy, and three, MOM PLAYED WITH ANOTHER BULLDOG!.....She even tried to hide it from me by running in and changing her clothes- but Im no dummy- I know....I know she played with ANOTHER bulldog. She has been trying to make up to me and I won't even look at her....Shes got a lot of kissin' up to do! I even went in my room to get away from her to take out my agression on my bone- still she followed me! I went outside to do my business and she friggin followed me out there too! Man whats a bullie gotta do to get a little privacy around here! Oh by the way- when I was out there making my rounds, I ran into an interesting squishy worm type thing that mom called 'Mr. Slug' - He didnt taste very good- so word for the wise- DO NOT EAT A 'MR.SLUG', THEY DONT TASTE GOOD AT ALL!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gunner came back!

Hey all!
Well, last weekend was the Parade of the Hills and I DIDN'T get to go :(
Mom and Dad said it was way too hot for a big bullie like me to be out in that heat with 'every dirty, germie filled set of hands wanting to pet and wallar' all over me.... Hey, I don't have a problem with that!! I love kids- especially ones with a big plate of French fries or those cotton candy wands, mmmm.... Those are the best! Anyway- back to the point.... So on Saturday, Mom, Dad and Grammie went to see the Parade and I guess they walked forever in the heat and got all hot and sweaty... (I wonder what it is like to sweat all over hmmm....) But anyway, when they came back home to rest, we had a knock at the door and guess who it was?!!!!
GUNNER!! I was soo excited that he came back to see me because I thought his 'Rents would be afraid that our testosterone would get the best of us two together and wouldn't bring him back over to play- but thank god they weren't!
When he got here, he must have been worn out because he didn't really want to play... So we kinda just laid around the yard and had peeing contests... We ran around the yard and peed on pretty much everything that we could to see who could mark last....
Being that it was really hot outside, the marking smell must have got to our 'Rents because Dad got the hose out and ruined our progress by spraying every noticeable pole and flower pot in the yard..... Ugh, 'Rents- they don't have a clue!
So we had to start all over again! Eventually, we got tired and we both just laid around the yard in the cool grass..... Oh I thought I might mention that I won the marking game because hehehe when Gunner left, I made sure I peed on the tikki torch one last time!!! hehehe Dad called me a cheater but, hey- what can ya do?! hehe

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ive Been Tagged again!


(also I thought I would mention that mom has been doing some 'cleaning up' on my page because she said that we dont have many 'bites' left of storage to put any more pictures up- I was wondering why it wouldnt load any new pics I try to put on there up!! Well- anyway... If you were looking for a certain picture of me and its not on the blog anymore...stupid mom deleted this better work!!!)
So here are 10 funny things about me!
1. When I get a bath I run around the house as fast as I can, wrinkles to the wind-the 'rents call it the Cyrus 500.
2. When the 'rents arent paying any attention to me I lay on the ground and make the most pitiful whiny noises I can to make em feel sorry for me and pet me.
3. When mom sprays anything in a spray bottle I make a sour face and snort at her to make her stop.
4. I fart in my sleep and wake up to smell it. (WHAT?)
5. I have my own ottoman that swings. If someone puts thier feet on it I just have to show my balancing skills- and to let em know its mine, not to get any ideas...
6. Sometimes I sneek in the bathroom trash and pull out ear swabbies and eat them..but sometimes I hide them in my cheeks for later.
7. I hate rain. When it rains outside I either try to hold it until I cant anymore or I tippie toe outside to go and then hop back in. Dad says I hop like a 'little school girl' and it makes me mad...
8. If someone comes home with a bag or something new and they put someplace it wasnt before, I will bark at it until someone moves it.
9. Whenever mom and dad hug I feel the need to jump up on them to break them apart...wheres the love in it for me?
10. I love to dance. whenever I hear loud fun music (especially a song by "50 cent peice") I hop around on the balls of my feet and get the 'rents up to dance ...its so fun they laugh at me butI know they are just jealous because they dont have the moves like me.

Yeah I got double Tagged.. So, I had 10!!

Monday, August 14, 2006


This weekend was a BLAST!!! Oh my goodness!! well... Mom dad and I went to Uncle Alex and aAunt Kaycies house- and guess who I got to seeeee??????? ZOEY POEY!!!!! We had a blast!! we ran around and jumped and played and I even slept in her bed!!! (of course she was in with her mom and dad in her second bed- but I got to sleep in her cushiony bed!! We played with this really neat chicken named 'Henrietta' that squaked really loud and I got to take one home with me! I had a blast!!
On the way home, mom and dad stopped at a gas station and let me potty in the grass and a really nice guy came over and was admiring my beauty - So mom says- and was asking the rents' when we were planning on having me bred with my girlfriend (Zoey) - Dad says within about 7 or 8 months....I got all excited because I kinda know what that entails...........Me being a dad of course!! Geesh! What did you think I was talking about?
Anyway- I just wanted to give a shout out to my beautiful ZoPo and tell her I had a great time dragging out the toys this weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Well, Mom has been working on my website a lot more lately- I guess some very nice people from want me to have my pics on their cool doggie newsletter site....Im excited about that!
Annnnnnd....THE BOOK CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!!! The pet book in which my pictures are featured and I even have a bio in it too!!!
I have been strutting around the house and yard all day... and I told mom that she is going to have to move the mirror over in front of my bed a bit so I can look at my handsome features- She just rolled her eyes at me and told me to 'behave'. She always has a way of keeping me modest- but, eh, what can I say... I cant help it if Im just that awesome!! Yep- I know it... The bitches love me..... (WHAT? They are female dogs!?) Mom just said that she can tell I have been hanging around with my dad.... hehehe
Speaking of female dogs..... My honey buns, Zoey came over on Saturday!!! God I was sooo excited to see her!! We romped and played and oh do I just love her!!! Mom caught us on camera running around and knocking each other over on the slippery floor!! And best of all I heard mom and dad talking to aunt Kaycie and uncle Alex about going down and seeing seeing them in Cincinnati this weekend, and Zoey and I get to have the house all to our selves baby!!! Aunt Kaycie works at a dog specialty store and Zoey told me that her mom brings her new toys home all the time!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!
Aaannndd, I also heard them saying something about Zoey and me getting to have babies...which, that kinda scared me a lil bit and I had a talk with dad about it and he says that I have nothing to worry about because, dad says I will be a great father and they will be around to help with the babies all the time.... and- DONT TELL MOM THIS- but hehe Dad said that it would be a perfect time for me to make fun of mom for being an old grandma!!! ahahahha
Anyway- you can go to my real website for some bulldog tips and info and click on My Website link above!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Its me again!!

Well well well, Im allowed on here again finally!!!!
Ive been mostly running around enjoying the summer, playing in the yard, sunning on the porch and the lawn chair, going for rides, meeting new people and puppies.... ya know that kind of stuff...
Im getting a little more trusted now because now Im allowed to runn around the house wiothout being "baby gated" to one specific area because I havent " torn up" anything lately....
-Now, in my opinion I dont "tear up" anything... I just have fun with it and I end up not knowing when to stop....
However- ( Yes I said however- mom has been telling me that Im going to have to go to grammar school because I have been too mouthy lately.. even though I know thats not really whats he meant when she said grammar school) Anyway- However, I have not marked my territory in a very long time in the house... partly because I think the cat knows his role in this house with me in it - hahaha - But seriously, dont tell him that or he wont secretly play with me at night when all is asleep in the house.... We almost got caught the other night at around 3:30am when mom got up to get a drink of water- or in her case tea because shes nuts and wont drink "plain tasting water". I was running around the kitchen table about mach 90 chasing Toby and he jumped on the counter and surprisingly hid from her right in front of her face!! Ohh is he smooth!! She only found out he was up there because he had been digging in moms plants (which was what fueled the chasing spree in the first place) and she noticed a dirty cat paw on the kitchen counter top! Ahh man, he sooo has to teach me some of his smooth moves!! Im thinking it may be a bit difficult being that I am not in the least bit aerodynamic.... Or at least as much as he is.... I think it's because I have 2 extra "weights" hanging from my back end that weighs me down... Dad says that they will come in handy when My gal Zoey gets to be at least a year and half... Then we can have babies... I dont think Im quite ready for that responsibility yet though because I like to run around without responsibility But... I have infact been practicing though! Thr 'rents got me a new toy a few weeks ago and it makes the cutest noise like a baby and it fits perfect in my mouth... So I take it everywhere with me.. and after I clean my paws, I give it a bath too! and I take it with me when ever I go outside to potty and also to bed with me... I always make sure that I show it what Im doing so it can learn like the puppies will learn.... I call it my baby and so does everyone else...
Mom has been watching the dog whisperer Cesar Milan, on the animal planet) and has sadly figured out a few of my tricks that I have pulled in the past to get my way- so unfortunately, my whining to get my way with the dominant one in the house( pack) DOESNT WORK :(
Eh, Ill figure something out.... but until then... im going to sleep- I just got a bath and mom put some lavender essential oil on me and Im snoring sitting up.... better get on with it!!!
Shout outs go to Zoey, Gunner, Emmi Lou, Sammi, Ellie and Minou Pitou!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Tribute to Gunner.....

Mom has been on the computer like everyday sometimes up all night on it because of her job... Im not liking her job.. its taking up all my time on the computer.. its making me mad!
So much has happened since my last post- like always- thanks mom... ugh... anyway..
I made a new friend a few weeks ago.. his name is Gunner and the best part is HE IS AN ENGLISH BULLDOG JUST LIKE ME!!!
His mom and dad are good friends with my parents and so Gunner and I get to hang out and play in the back yard!!!
last time he came over, we played for hours and then we both got tired and a lil cranky with each other and then something happened where Gunner went to grab my toy like usual, no biggie, and he accidentally grabbed my lip instead and I got real mad and we had a lil fight.... twice actually...
I feel really bad about it though cause I didnt know he didnt mean to do that until afterwards and I guess I flipped out because a long time ago I was playing with dads other friends black lab and he was a little mean and we were eating treats and he grabbed mine and bit me real hard on the face- INTENTIONALLY and I guess my memory of that just flashed at me and I sort of flipped on Gunner.. I didnt mean to really because I really do like him.. hes my little buddy!!
So Gunner, and Gunner's mommy - whom mom tells me was really upset about it with us being like their little babies and all- I AM REALLY SORRY :( AND PLEASE COME AND VISIT ME AGAIN TO PLAY....I PROMISE I WONT TRY TO REMEMBER THE BAD MEMORY OF THE MEAN LAB INCIDENT!!!! I promise!! we can go for walks - if our 'rents will let us (with the leash of course) and then maybe you can teach me how to say your battle cry noise and I can teach you how to pee with your leg cocked up!! ;) See, this me and Gunner being lovey!!! I hope he can forgive me!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Its a Miracle!!!!

Wow!!! Its a Miracle!!! Iam allowed on here!!!!!! Well, soooooooo much has happened sinc last time I was on here!!!! Its now Spring time!!! I have a big yard to play in and its fenced in so now I can do my business anytime I please!!! No mean neighbors....just lost of fun!!!
I now have a biiigg bed thats really comfy and cushiony and my own room again!!
I have pretty much full roam of the house (except upstairs- thats the cats domain)
The other day me and the cat kinda made friends.. I was giving him my toys as peace offerings and he was not really growling at me as put us in the bathroom together (well we ended up being in there together) I was licking him all over and he was and dad caught us being nice to each other and then we had to go back to playing cat and dog he ran back up on the stair steps and I chased him and barked at him and he was like "nanny nanny boo boo you cant get me" Im like "You come down here and Ill show you.... you big pussy cat" and then we run back and forth and play tag....he always wins because hes faster and more aerodynamic - so dad says...but I dont know....
Last weekend mom and dad had a party for Zoey's was his birthday... they got really funny acting towards the end of the night drinking that yucky smelling stuff.....actually one of dads friends let me lick the end of his empty bottle... they were laughing at me because of the icky faces I made... then mom had to ruin the fun and take it and throw it in the trash..... Mom always ruins all the fun.........But I got lots of attn from everyone who was here....
Mom has been hogging the computer because she got a new job.....she is a Managing Editor and does all sorts of graphic design and web design and photo journalism that means I am fighting fo play time with her.... and computer time........
Mom says that Emmis mommy is an arbonne consultant now....not sure what that is but its probably something girly --ugh.......
also rollies mom is going to have a lil human sister for her... shes naming it Lily Ann....I think it sounds like it smells pretty... which all babys do...I like to lick em until they giggle.....
Oh I almost forgot I got second runner up in that one little photo contest I had you guys vote for me on!! I got a certificate and everything!
The other photo contest I am a finalist in and I am going to be in a book!!! how cool is that?!!
anyway.. I gotta run... I smell hamburgers....maybe I can sneek one hhehehehe

Monday, February 13, 2006

More and More Famous!

Im real excited because I just found out that I am going to be published in a pet photo book!!
My mom sent in some more pictures of me in a pet contest and mom and dad got a letter in the mail that stated that I am a semi finalist to win the "big" prize!!! AND I get to be "featured" in the book, " Cutest Pets Around The World"with a biography!!!
Mom and Dad had to sign a permission letter for letting me be in the book. I guess the book is scheduled to print in Spring of 2006 and will distribute shortly after that... I can wait to see my handsome mug in a real book!!!!.... Mom and dad still have all the copyrights of my photos though but go and buy the book!!! I cant wait!!!
A big Thank You to The International Pet Owners Club for the chance,
Um lets see, who else am I going to thank....Um....Oh, The Couch for giving me all that needed beauty rest or I should say Hansome rest( see I blend in, the rents didnt even see me, Im sure of it).....
Um ...Oh and the makers of my yummy bulldog food, Royal Canin, that keeps my coat nice and shiny and my teeth nice and pearly, and my muscles nice and bulky and oh..I guess I should gas not as rank (not that I care, but the rents get all huffy about me stinkin up the room when they are with me hehehe)
Oh..I guess I shouldnt be thanking anyone yet because I am not sure who got the big prize but...I am in the book!!! I am sooooo excited - Have I mentioned I am excited??

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

So stressful

My goodness what a stressful day it was yesterday.....I have been moping around all day in fear that today is going to be like yesterday......
The complex owners had to have all new plumbing and piping through out the place and early, around 7:00 am there was a knock at the door... It was the maintenance guy Steve. He's nice. And he tastes like doughnuts..... He told mom that the construction crew were here and ready to work on our apt. Little did I know they had to kick me out of my bedroom- in the laundry room- to knock out a wall.... MY WALL!! and took out the hot water tank and moved my room all around....I was so stressed out....
Mom and dad took me in thier room to sleep and I was pissed off....There was 6 guys working in our apt. I had to bark at mom everytime I wanted to go out of the was awful....
This really big bellyed guy with red hair and his crack showing for all dogs to lick wasnt very nice to me and I didnt like him...Mom and dad were in shock that I didnt want to run and jump all over him to say hello.... I know evil when I see it....
There were lots of other guys in here too...But they were all nice though....They talked in a quieter tone and werent as aggressive at tearing up my room.....The big belleyed guy talked and it was like a yell...I stood in front of mom everytime...I didnt trust him one bit.....
He made me bulk up in my big boy stance. I wasnt in very good humor when they left so I tried to sleep all day....
I got lots of lovins from mom and dad...Dad told me what a good boy I was to protect my mom..... ah, it was nothin'! So dad gave me a back rub and I fell asleep sitting up....I was snoring and everything .hahahah Mom was dying laughing!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Oh its about time!

Okay Okay...Enough with the snow already...Im so sick of never knowing when its time to go lounge in the pool...oh god I miss the loungechairs and the pool..ohh and the nice Ice chips that mom puts in a bowl for me right near her/ my lounge chair while I sun my pink belly and mom smears that sweet smelling slippery stuff on her legs...... and the water fights I get into with the hose.. that damned thing..... shhhhh dont tell mom but I think Im old enough to cuss now...Mom isnt ready to accept it yet though... duh, I mean what does she expect? I remember when I called her mommy (Dont tell he, but now I only call her that when I want something) and then it suited them to be more called the rents' - which is better than the mommy and daddy thing and now I think Im allowed to cuss.. I talk back all the time...its so funny! The rents' get so mad at me when I do that... they tell me not to get into the trash and yell "NO" in thier deamon voices and I just turn around and peep back a good cuss word ..... Dad thinks its funny when I get the last word in on mom because he can rarely ever do that with her..... Im one up on him now....
I heard mom telling grammie its like running after a toddler witth a 17 year old's sassy mouth....
Grammie just laughs at me and tells me "boy youre gonna get your tushie warmed up in the corner" But I have yet to see that happen....hehehehehe

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Well I think Im going to jump on the band wagon and be a tagger myself, just like emmi and minou! So here are 10 funny things about me!

  1. When I get a bath I run around the house as fast as I can, wrinkles to the wind-the rents call it the Cyrus 500.
  2. When the rents arent paying any attention to me I lay on the ground and make the most pitiful whiny noises I can to make em feel sorry for me and pet me.
  3. When mom sprays anything in a spray bottle I make a sour face and snort at her to make her stop.
  4. I fart in my sleep and wake up to smell it. (heheheh)
  5. I have my own ottoman that swings. if someone puts thier feet on it I just have to show my balancing skills- and to let em know its mine, not to get any ideas...
  6. Sometimes I sneek in the bathroom trash and pull out ear swabbies and eat them..but sometimes I hide them in my cheeks for later.
  7. I hate rain. when it rains outside I either try to hold it until I cant anymore or I tippie toe outside to go and then hop back in.
  8. If someone comes home with a bag or something new and they put someplace it wasnt before, I will bark at it until someone moves it.
  9. Whenever mom and dad hug I feel the need to jump up on them to break them apart...wheres the love in it for me?
  10. I love to dance. whenever I hear loud fun music (especially a song by "50 cent peice") I hop around on the balls of my feet and get the rents up to dance ...its so fun they laugh at me butI know they are just jealous because they dont have the moves like me.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Im back!!

Im back!!! Well so much has happened since I was last on here!! Too much to go into...all I know is that I am excited that I am going to get to be around the kitty, Toby, at grammies more often.....He is fun to chase around and play with......
I can not believe the crappy weather we have here in ohio....I take back all the wishes for winter to come and replace them with summer so I wish for summer instead looking at all the pictures that grammie had made me want to jump in the swimming pool and sunbathe on the lawn charis like last year.....I sure as heck cant do that in the unreliable one day its 50 and the next day its 20 degrees outside weather we have been having.....
I swear it was like summer outside 3 days ago and now there is snow on the ground!!! I need to talk to the weather guy on tv and yell at him to leave the sun in one direction for a change!! All this changing stuff is making me have the sneezes!!! Mom took pictures of me when it was actually nice outside....she even let me play in the mud a little...imagine that?!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Friggin' Interent

Hello all!! I have missed you guys! The friggin internet is still down - so mom says and so Ill have to wait some more...stupid internet....
in the mean time here are some pictures that grammie had of me when I went swimming with my best little human pal Ethan.(He's my dad's best friend's little boy, hes so much fun!!) Also a funny pic of me when I was going through my trapeese artist phase...hehehe I darn near broke the glass on the table hehheheheh Ahhh those were the good old days...warm good old days unlike the cold dog poo we are having now....

Monday, January 09, 2006

Poor me....Or not?....

This friggin internet makes me so mad.....Every time I go to get on it, it shuts off on me... And Mom wont help me...
well a lot of nothin happened this week..... Kinda mad at the rents because everytime I hear them they are talking about going somewhere....And its always a place where I cant go....
Just yesterday they went to grammies without me....And the worst part is, dad's cousin just had a baby and I of course didn't get to see it....Mom says hes sow cute.... Rubbing it in darn her.....
I begged and pleaded for her not to go without me...But what do you think she did... yep that's right went without me.....
I even went and tried to give her sad sad faces through the mirror when she was trying to get ready but nooooo.......Nothing works with her....She's tough as nails.......Now dad...hes a bit easier to break in to give me my way...Except for when hes playing with his darn xmod... I get no attention... I'm so deprived.....Doesn't anyone in this world have any sympathy for me??
I did get a good weekly bath scrub down last night though.... Even my ears got cleaned....I love it when they do that.. I fall asleep and snore!!!
Mom says that its such a blessing that I like it when they get cleaned because lots of dogs don't like it... In fact dads old dog beau bit everyone who came in contact with his ears because they were infected......
Mom says that she will NEVER have another dog that bites......That must be why they were so hard on me and strict when they trained me when I was little.....
Hmmmmm it does make sense....
Oh here is some new news.... can you believe Zoeys mommie did this? SHE GOT HER TONGUE PEIRCED WITHOUT MY MOM THERE!!!! Boy I cant wait to hear all about it from Zoey...I bet she has the whole scoop!!! (in all reality, mom can't be that mad at her though cause both mom and dad have thier tongues peirced ;) )

Friday, January 06, 2006


My mom... I tell ya ... sometimes........ You see, mom found on doggie that there is proof that when dogs are panting that they are happy!!! Duh mom I could have told her that ... she never listens!!!!
it says...
An article published by All Headline News says that panting hard is a sign that dogs are happy.Patricia Simonet, development and program coordinator for Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service, started researching dog sounds in 2001, while a professor at Sierra Nevada College. Simonet and her students recorded dogs playing at a shelter. They isolated the growling, whining, barking and the panting sound she now calls laughter, reports The Associated Press.I've come to understand this after having played with my two dogs. I'm sure others have too. Though not all panting is strictly laughter, there is still the exhaustive type of panting. but ultimately they are happy!!

See thats why everytime I play with dad or I play with zoey no matter the temperature I always pant!!!
silly mom, shes so amused with such obvious stuff!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I don't get it.....

Well this whole new years crap isn't all that different than anything else or any other day....
Everyday we do pretty much the same sort of thing and I cant understand all the commotion that lead up to it .... I sleep , I play, I run, I jump , I snort, I fart, I snore , I belch, I loveys, I pretty much stay the same right?
I'm not getting these humans...They seem like the weird ones!!!
Although today I really wanted to play with the rents' when my dad got home and I didn't get my wish... I had to wait until dad gets his evil xmod out of its box to chase it around but I can never actually get my teeth on it...That little thing is fast!!!
Once I clipped it with a tooth though and I realized that it is much too hard for me... Id rather chew on my new blue ball...It at least squeaks.......
I ended up snoozin on the couch with dad... Mom finally gave in after much of dads pleading and begging ... hehehe....... At least he's on my side on this one......

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Mom says I should be excited about it being a whole new year so Iguess it gives me a reason to run around and wiggle my butt.....
On new years eve mom and dad had Uncle Justin and Aunt Kelly over to 'celebrate' and they must have been really excited because they were drinking that smelly stuff out of those little glasses that smelled like some type of cleaner that I hate and laughing and carrying on....after a while I just fell asleep in my room... I didnt get to see the ball drop cause I was in my room snoozin away.....
So here are my new years resolutions:
  1. Try my hardest not to 'mark' on my mommies special blanket
  2. Try to hold myself back from jumping and licking on new visitors that walk in the door
  3. Be sneekier when I jump on the couch- so I dont get caught!