Life through the eyes of a pampered Bulldog.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Whooo weeee!! I am sooo pooped out! Tonight was trick or treat here for the kids in our neighborhood and we passed out candy. Our house was all decorated up with spooky spider webs and lights and scarecrows with pumpkins ( one carved as a scary spider and the other carved as a bulldog with spikes!) and a fog machine with a table decorated up with that fake blood stuff (because Dad was a Mad Butcher) We had soo many kids come by and we ran out of that scrumptious candy that I'm of course never allowed to have.....(whatever mom says goes- ugh) But the kids loved me and my costume! I got to lick at least like 20 kids (Mom was hating that idea because she is so weird about me licking the hands of little kids for fear I will get sick or something- she's so anal! hehe) But I had fun! My costume this year was the same as last because at last minute my other costume fell through- So, I agreed to wear my old one with style! I was Zorro, with a cape and my hat - I had a mask too but I tried to eat it and well.... It got destroyed ...hehehe But I got so many compliments on my costume and I knew I looked good too so I puffed my chest out and strutted my stuff baby!
Mom was a witch (how ironic hehehe) (sorry mom if you are reading this- can't you smell a joke like I can?) and she had a real funny hat and the whole costume on but in the midst of everything fun, she decided to go put some jeans on because she was apparently freezing- what a wimp! (I'll let you in on a little secret though, it was pretty cold towards the end of Trick or Treating because I was starting to shiver! - yes I know what you are thinking, with all that blubber you cant be cold right?!- Actually NO! It was cold!--- BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE I TOLD YOU THAT- IT WOULD TOTALLY RUIN MY TOUGH GUY REPUTATION! hehehe)
But yeah, I was a good boy and stayed by mom to protect her from the bigger monsters that came up for the candy! I was very polite too I might add :) I sat there and smiled at them and if their mommies allowed them to, they would come up and pet me and I would lick their faces! ( oh yeah, the human youngsters love that little trick of mine hehe)
But all in all, it was a great Halloween! (or Trick or Treat I should say- Actually, Halloween isn't until next Tuesday- and me and some other dogs have made a secret pact to howl at the moon at midnight to freak our Rents' out hehe- so if you or someone you know are interested in joining our secret 'Howling Plan', let me know and Ill add your name to the list!!!hehe) ;)