Life through the eyes of a pampered Bulldog.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I know, you don't have to tell me...

Well I suppose I'm in trouble again....I was just leisurely strolling through mom and dads room while mom was cleaning up and doing some laundry and I smelled it again and that was it....Over...Done....I had to do it.....
I tried so hard to just walk past it but I just couldn't resist myself....I swear I don't even know why I torture myself and go in mom and dads room.......I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about but Ill just go ahead and rub it in for myself.........Yes...I peed on the corner of mom and dads blanket and some clothes......
Well..... What do you expect? I smelled my dad on some of my moms stuff... The stuff that I'm not allowed to be on or around so I did it again.. I marked it... (but come to find out it really was my error because it was only a sock of moms on a pair of dads pants laying next to the bed where the blanket was hanging over....So it really was my fault) And here comes the really bad part....I peed on a heated blanket controller and ruined it..... So now mom and dad have to get a new one... And dad is mad I mean real mad because the blanket was like 50 bucks and did all kinds of neat stuff - not that I got to enjoy it cause mom wont let me on the bed (I know I know its my fault because I pee on mom's special blanket to claim her and it as mine from dad)
So yes I already know ...No one has to say I told ya so.. I already feel bad enough....Thank god Dad didn't pee on my blankets cause' I heard him say.... "Miranda I oughta go pee on his blankets to see how he feels" mom just laughed but I hope he wasn't serious.........
P.S. (this is Miranda - 'mom') IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BUY AN ENGLISH BULLDOG AND YOU HAPPEN TO SEE AN ADD IN ONE OF THE GOOGLE ADDS AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE ....IF YOU WANT MY OPINION, I WOULD NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING A PUP FROM ONE OF THE ADDS THAT WERE LISTED ....IT WAS (not sure if it is still on there or not ) AND I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT THEY ARE NOT A DIRECT REFLECTION OF OUR BULLDOG NOR HOW WE , AS BULLDOG PARENTS, WOULD EVER HANDLE OUR BULLDOGS.....unfortunately we do not choose the adds that go on this site.....If you are looking to buy a healthy bully from loving caring breeders please look into the link "A Breeder" or "My Realatives*" or contact us and I will gladly give you a few references!!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

My Christmas

Well I had a great christmas!! I got to see my lovey on christmas eve and she got me greenies and I got her a stocking full of pink toys.. since thats her favorite color....I was so upset cause' her foot was bleeding real bad.... I think she stepped on a sharp stick .....So mom and dad fixed her all up and gave her a foor soak and a peticure.......we played after she was all fixed up and I showed her my secret cave where I store all my toys.... shhhh dont tell mom but its behind the papasan chair hehehe!!!
On christmas mom and dad went to grammie #1 and 2's house and Paw Paw Dan's house...Mommies favorite cousin Jessi and dad have a tradition that every year they wrap each others presents up so tight that they have to work to get into them.. well this year Jessi topped it all!! She put dads present in a wooden box and NAILED AND SCREWED IT TOGETHER!!!!
it took him a good half hour to get it open!!! Mom said it was soo funny!!!
I ended up getting a new sweater (cause I hate going outside when its cold to do #2 hehe) 4 chew toys and a pull rope....oh yeah and a christmas ornament with a bulldog, my name and the year on it... mom put it on our money tree cause we didnt put up a tree this year...
but I got to open up each present.. it was fun!!! Pretty much the only time Im allowed to run around with paper in my mouth.... So much fun...I wish it was christmas every day!!!
I hope you all had a good christmas too!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Good news and Bad news

Well, I guess there is some good news and some bad news....... Mom and dad ended up not getting seriously hurt snowboarding, and they had a blast but came home with a huge bump/ concussion on dads head and bruises in places he never thought of having... And mom came home with a bruised tail bone/ pinched nerve in her back and huge black bruise from I guess over extension or some weird thing she said behind the knee...... Needless to say they are sore, in pain and GRUMPY!!! But I guess they did a pretty good job though!! I thought that mom would have sucked and so did she but she did pretty good, so dad said... And after all the darn whining and yiping their doing, they tell me that they "definitely want to do it again" ? What in the world are they thinking....God....I'll remember this when they tell me "no its too cold outside to play in it for long" and "Cyrus you'll catch pneumonia out there in the snow" and "Time to go in the house Cyrus. Bulldogs cant take extreme cold or heat remember buddy?"
Yeah, I'll remember that and then Ill have a reason to be grumpy! And they better not forget to treat me when I come in from it either!.......

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I love new people!!!

YEEE HAAAWW!!! I just got back from the nice new peoples house... We played and I got to lick every single one of them (and there was like 8 of them!!!)... Oh I had so much fun!!! They were so nice... I hope I get to go and see them again!!! I was so excited and I kept hearing and smelling other dogs that I couldn't see ... Unfortunately I had a little accident on their couch ....I didn't mean to I swear....Mom says I need to watch myself and try harder to hold back from marking my territory.... But I didn't really mean it and I didn't really get into trouble so I think they knew I didn't mean to do it...... Oh, man I did really have fun though.... And I am absolutely pooped!!! As soon as I got home I laid down and fell asleep and snored.. Mom and dad laughed at me and took pictures of me....
I also want to say a big thank you to: The Tigner Family for letting me run around a wiggle my butt. I had soooo much fun!!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

All festive and stuff

well I hear its almost Christmas and mom and dad refused to put up a tree this year I guess I'm the only thing that gets to be decorated this year....Great......You can see how excited I am about this by my lovely expression .... I guess I cant judge my attitude about this situation from the picture though because I guess that is what I always look like so....
tomorrow I get to go see some people that love bulldogs...Dad says that they want to get to know me because they someday want to have one of my puppies...I guess that one will have to be explained to me......Good for me though because I love to meet new people and play....
Then (here comes the bad news) MOM AND DAD ARE GOING SNOWBOARDING...... WITHOUT ME.... I'm P.O.ed!!!
dear god, Please don't let the rents' break a leg or neck or arm...Or worse a finger, toe or foot...
I hear it would be pretty hard to drive a stick shift with a broken foot and right arm.....Or left as far as that goes... So if you are reading this... Please, please, Please pray for my parents to not break themselves snowboarding.......

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bad mood

I am so mad at mom and dad I would spit..(If I could I mean).....Mom tried everything to tell me that she's sorry and dad was giving me lots of lovins' last night but I am so mad...... I just found out that aunt Kelly and uncle Justin are taking mom and dad skiing on Sunday....I am so pissed I want to go but NOOO I am "not allowed" they are going to mad river mountain....Mom and dad have never went skiing before and I bet they come back with a few broken bones...Then Ill have to take care of them and that will cut into my sleeping and farting time....See this is no good for anyone so they should just stay home....So mom if you are reading this....I am really mad at you and don't talk to me....And stay home or let me go with you.....
she even tried taking pictures of me today and I would not even look at her... When I did, I gave her a mean look and I hope she read my expression right....It was DON'T TALK TO ME and that's what I meant darn it.....

On a lighter note on my birthday the rents' did deliver ...Zoey Poey did come over to play...Man she's getting so big! She's even a little velumptuious with a little fat on that back!!! She definitely puts the bootie in Bootieful!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


"So its my birthday, So its my birthday....
Ima gonna do the jig...
So its my birthday, So its my birthday...
Happy Birthday to the Pig" hehehe Yay!!!
I am now officially 1 year old today!!! I have been dancing around the house all day... mom told me all night last night that today was going to be my said that I was probably a fat little bully pig even when I came out of my real mommy's belly!! I cant wait until dad gets home to see what kinds of gifts I get!! Mom already let me get up on the bed and lay there for a few seconds and I heard talk of making some doggie treats especially for me and if i heard them correctly, I think that my gal Zoey Poey is going to come and visit me!!! Ill share some treats with her for sure!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Let It Snow.....

oh my I love the snow....Love, Love, Love, Love it!!!
Last night Mom and Dad took me outside to play in it and our next door neighbor even joined in on the fun!!! We had snowball fights where I got to chase every ball that was thrown!!!
Oh I had so my fun!!! Mom and dad were laughing at me for like an hour!!!
this morning I was sooo tired from playing that I didn't even give mom or dad a wake up call to go out!! Mom had to wake me up from my snuggly blankets to take me outside!!And to my surprise....The SNOW was STILL there on the ground and even thicker!!!
I was pretty tired this morning too and mom snapped a few more photos of me licking the snow flakes off my face...
I keep hearing about how slick it is outside and how mad everyone is about all the snow on the ground and al I have to say is: LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!!!!
makes me want to strike up a bull song!!
" Oh the ice outside is frightful,
But the Fun and snows Delightful..
And as long as outside I go....

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Me as a puppy

Mom and Emmi's mom have been online talking for like ever and everytime I turn around I cant seem to get online because shes always on there... But... Mom and Kaylee were talking about how cute we were as puppies and mom showed me some pictures and I had to put them on here!!
(Also.. I have great news!! mom told me that me, mom and dad are going to go over to emmi's house sometime real soon and we get to play together!!!! I am so excited!!!!)
<--- Then and Now--->

<---5 months

11 months--->

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sooo Much Fun!!!!

Well I had a fun evening!! Dad had the day off and then Grammie came over and we made pizza and cookies and grammie and dad danced around the kitchen(while drinking thier funny smelling "grown up drinks") while mommy laughed and shot video footage of them and I of course watched and danced around with them!! Oh man we had a good time!!! I was the center of attention the whole time and I loved it!! I told dad that we need to do this everynight!!
After all the celebrating, I am soo pooped so I am going to take another nap! (oh yeah by the way, I havent "went" on mom's blanket for a long long time and so mom and dad rewarded me with big fluffy blankets to sleep on in my room..I love them now and mom took some pictures of me snoozing away on the new fluffies!!!)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Big news

Well Some big news.... Mom and Dad's friend and Rollies Mom, is having a baby!!!
And, Emmi is allowed to have a puppy of her own like Rollie... I am actually a little peeved cause' I never heard any mention of me being able or allowed to have a baby to look after or a puppy of my own... I am going to have a serious talk with the rents' about this.....Something just doesnt seem fair to me!!
On a lighter note, dad came home yesterday and took me to see grammie and to my surprise, Mom was there... which that kinda peeved me too cause that means that she went to grammies without me... I always love going there cause I get to chase the 6 toed bandit ( toby the cat) around the house... its so much fun!! and when I got there mom and grammie were jammin music loud upstairs while they painted and sorted through pictures and old interesting stuff that I would love to go up there and chew on if I could stand the smell of paint and cleaner...
Mom always tells me that I am such a she has grammie saying it too and grammie tells me I am just like my dad cause I dont like the smell of anything that "smells clean" just cause I dont like any type of wipes or cleaner....I guess if that makes me a boy and more like my dad Im willing to take the title...
I mean so what I like to fart and snort and snore and fart some more whats wrong with that? Thats what bulldogs do right? Arent we supposed to be the clowns of the dog world?