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Monday, December 19, 2005

Good news and Bad news

Well, I guess there is some good news and some bad news....... Mom and dad ended up not getting seriously hurt snowboarding, and they had a blast but came home with a huge bump/ concussion on dads head and bruises in places he never thought of having... And mom came home with a bruised tail bone/ pinched nerve in her back and huge black bruise from I guess over extension or some weird thing she said behind the knee...... Needless to say they are sore, in pain and GRUMPY!!! But I guess they did a pretty good job though!! I thought that mom would have sucked and so did she but she did pretty good, so dad said... And after all the darn whining and yiping their doing, they tell me that they "definitely want to do it again" ? What in the world are they thinking....God....I'll remember this when they tell me "no its too cold outside to play in it for long" and "Cyrus you'll catch pneumonia out there in the snow" and "Time to go in the house Cyrus. Bulldogs cant take extreme cold or heat remember buddy?"
Yeah, I'll remember that and then Ill have a reason to be grumpy! And they better not forget to treat me when I come in from it either!.......

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Miss Emmi Lou said...

aw cyrus, i can tell how concerned you are for your mommy and daddy in that picture!!

you are so handsome! let's just ditch our parents and run away together..