Life through the eyes of a pampered Bulldog.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Look at this!!

Wow will you look at my mom and dad!! I guess this pic was taken before my time...Mom has short hair there!! They look so serious!! ...Ms Marti Weis took it...they were her "models" ... after she got the pics back, she blew this one up and another one and used them as her display in her window...after she was done, she gave the pics to mom and now they keep those pics in thier room..they are huge!!
sometimes when I get to nap in thier room (not as often as Id like) I wake up and stare at them and mom and dad laugh at me....

Friday, November 25, 2005

cold old day

I went outside today and about froze my tush off... I think today is a great day to just lounge around all day...Kinda bummed though cause all the snow is gone...I swear when is it going to be time for me to go out and roll around in the snow and pull mom and dad on a sled and romp? I keep asking dad to take me out in it and play but he keeps telling me "no buddy the snows all gone for today" and Im getting a little pissed....ah bah ging back to bed...but on a lighter note mom sent my pictures in to the dog horoscope website to represent all the Sagittarius' out there!!! dun da duh!! super bully Saggitaruis to the rescue!!! And you can see my mug on the Mystical Board under 'post a pic' on or in my links!!! ( I think Im like the second one on the page of dogs!!- that is if they havent updated new doggies on there yet)

Cool Huh?!!

wow what a turkey day!! well kind of a sleepy day for mom and dad... they went to grammie#2's house and ate some turkey which mom says has tryptophan in it and it makes you sleepy...I could tell cause they were so lazy I was even making fun of them...
I have seen on Rollie and emmi's site the horoscopes for dogs and I went there and it was so cool that I decided to have mom put a link on my site for it!!!!
my horoscope thingy says thats I am a Sagittarius and ithis is what it says...
..(November 23 - December 21)
Sign of The Archer
Ruling Planet - Jupiter
Most Desirable Qualities - Nature Loving, active
Talent - Hunting
Physical Characteristics - Well-balanced body, ankles and feet will be fine and delicate haha thats really not me...Im a big footed clubber (at least thats what mom says)

Sagittarius is the Sign of the Archer and this signifies that you definitely have a purpose or aim in life. You are also a natural born hunter and will stalk anything that moves including ants, butterflies, and old newspapers. (well thats definetly true cause' if something is moved around in the house I will yell at it until it gets moved back!!!)

are sensitive and sympathetic to the moods of those around you. You adore good living, happy and congenial companions. With a huge sigh of contentment you will claim the most comfortable chair in the house and sink wearily into it.
Oh boy is this true... I hate to get into trouble and I hate it when mom or dad is upset.. and I LOVE THE COUCH!!!

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Well sometimes you are considered just too frank and candid. Wait till someone sniffs first next time, then you can be very responsive to love.
Well that would explain why Some dogs dont like me..I am always trying to say hi but I just thought its cause they had a complex with me sniffing thier butt!!

I thought this was prett cool too...My mom is an Aries and this iisat it says for our relationship

A good combination. These two are both mentally and emotionally compatible. Each will find the other an exciting and good-humored companion. Many years of affection will be enjoyed.

And Dad is a Scorpio and this is what it says:

An extremely active relationship. A little bit of Sagittarius is a welcome change, but not even Scorpio can keep up with the energy of a Sagittarius.

Cool huh?!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Real Snow!

Wow real snow to play in...oh my goodness...There were kids out next door playing in the snow sledding down thier hill.. oh I wanted to go play with them so bad!!! mom made me go in too early ..she said that Bulldogs can't tolerate being too hot or too cold so she made me go in for a while but when dad came home, he saw me and we went outside...oh my Im going to have so much fun this winter...I think that I am going to rally my friends together and we'll have a play date..without our 'rents' Rollie, Emmi, Cyrus Von Thunderstorm, Gracie Allen, and most of all my gal Zoey...when you read me or post and we'll set it up....but keep it on the downlow...shhhh.......

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Pics

Its snowing outside again... But not the fun snow its the cold freeze your tail pocket off snow...Its not very fun playing in it cause it doesn't stick to the ground...Me and mom have been sittin in the house watching TV and Mom found some more pics of me and her and my dad... Marti Weis took the pictures of us when I was about 6 months old..Im a lot bigger now as you can tell in more recent pictures that I have of me on here...
You can also go to Marti Weis' website link on here and find me in the "Unique" section of the portfolio and mom and dad in the "Family" section too!! Shes a real good photographer and mom and dad are real close with her. I like her too she laughs at me and says Im silly...Imagine that!!!

Turkey Day is on its way!!!!

Turkey day is comming up!! Mom and dad already ate one turkey day celebration with aunt Kelly and uncle Justin at thier new house... Mom says that dogs are alergic to turkey skin...It gives us problems with our pancreas...I dont even know what a Pncreas is but it sounds painful!!!! Im not going to enjoy thanksgiving anyway cause I am not allowed to have any people food... But sometimes I cheat or one of the 'rents' do (thats my new saying...Im going to see how long mom can stand me saying that word..she was having a hard time with even the mom instead of mommy thing) Hey what can I say... Im like a teenager now... Well I think I am..Mom says that Bulldogs dont really become an "adult"until they are 2 years old..uggghh Im only 11 monmths, I guess I have a long way to go...I havent been doing much of anything here lately just laying around and playing and the occasional jumping on mom and giving her bruises...Dad thinks shes low on Iron but she just says Im a tubba... I weigh 72 pounds!! Im not fat or anything..Im just big boned!!! Actually, the vet says that Im doing great and he was surprised that I got so big!!! He says that I am just a big bulldog...He didnt have to tell me that!!( I guess that we bullys max weight is usually around 60 pounds- Well I have surpassed that.. thats for sure!!!) What can I say.. I like to eat!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

What a fun surprise!!!

Today is my birthday- well I'm 11 months old today!!! And.... Today I heard a knock at the door and to my surprise it was my PRINCESS ZOEY THE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh was I excited to see her!!! She has gotten real big and we played and romped and kissed and nuzzled and romped and we wrestled and played some more and we ran around and we jumped on each other and sniffed each other and we god slobber all over each other (I guess bulldogs are sloppy kissers hehe) and I showed her around to my newly arranged room and I gave her my toys to play with and we laid down together and we wrestled some more and she is getting pretty strong she even got me down for the 1.2.3. count!!! I was amazed!!! Ohhhh I was sooo excited!!! She's the best I missed her sooo much!!! Last time I saw her she was too little for me to play with but now she can even get me down!!!
oh we had a blast!!! Mom was trying to take pictures of us but we were romping and playing so fast that she could barely get a clear shot!!
Later that night I got to play with mom and dads friends doggies! Their names are freya and Roddick...They are Black Labs . I got a long real well with freya but roddick and I kinda got into a fight cause we were all eating our treats that their mommy gave us and roddick came over and took mine out of my mouth and tried to bite me...So we kinda got into it and he bit me in my face but I think I scared him cause I was growling real mean at him.... But we ended making up and playing later!! Their daddy says that Roddick has a bit of a jealousy streak in him when other dogs are around eating food......Freya just looked at me the whole time like oh don't worry about him cause he's just acting like a jerk again...It didn't bother me any cause after he was finished being mean and pouting a little after he got into trouble we were all playing like normal again!! It was fun!!! Oh man what a fun and exciting day!!! After all that playing I'm pretty tired and I also got a baffie and now I'm all squeaky clean and comfy enough to go off to dreamland...I bet Zoey will be there!!! So I'm off!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005


We finally got cable and now mom and dad are glued to the tv watching everything in high definition!! Its either the computer or the internet! Always one or the other!!! We havent done much here lately cause mom has been sick with a cold and dad has been working late a lot...Mom watched a show last night when dad was in bed and she started crying!!! My mom never crys!! she must be sick!!!! It was some girly show that dad always makes fun of her for watching......She tells us "oh you two are such boys" and I can definetly agree with dad when he says "shes such a girl"!! I cant remeber the last time I cried!!
I got introuble for peeing to bed last night...I peed on my blankets in my room and mom found em and yelled at me....and threw them in the washer and now I dont have anything to lay on but the does that suck!!!
Mom says she starts her new job next week...shes excited cause her last boss was crazy!!! She feels sorry for Emmilou's mom because she still has to work for her.....I feel sorry for her too!! I guess Emmi got into a fight with her uncle baxter and they got into trouble....I wonder if Baxter said he was sorry......I know that my chi-wa-wa neighbor never said he was sorry for biting me in the face.... He ran at my mom and dad the other day.... I dont understand why he is so grumpy all the time!!! Maybe he is related to mom's old boss!! hehehehe!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

website almost up!!!

my very own personal website is almost up now!! it will be on one of my links but it is Mom and dad were working on it for a long time last night. Mom says its for me to be a stud......I just tell her im already a stud!!!
Mom just got a new job she was really tired of her old one...she says that there was too much drama for her to deal with anyway so shes happy now...
Grammie had to go into the hospital again for a nother kidney stone.. but shes back home says that kidney stones are really painful. I hope that I never get one of those!!!
mom says that she will probably have them as well as daddy too cause both thier parents have had them.... Dad always tells mom to drink more water but she HATES water so she will probably be the first to have one!!!
last night mom was taking so many pictures of me and I was actually having fun while she was taking them ...I was strikin' a pose left and right!!!
and mom gave me some trukey lunch meat for a treat....I was so happy cause Im not really allowed to have any human food...... (well when they are looking anyways) Mom said that when I was a baby I ate a marbel and it came out plain as day!!! and then I chewed up a whole tube of a bingo ink was a pretty turqoise color and mom said that it took her an hour to clean it off my white little baby paws and mouth!!! I had it everywhere!!! it was fun!!! Mom wasnt having much fun though cause she was freaking out calling the poisin control center and vets from all around to see what they could do for me...I wasnt sick at all...I was having a good time!!
She finally found out it was non toxic.....but I was pooping truqoise for a week!!!
Now that made mom and dad laugh but I didnt think it was too funny though...


We had so much fun on halloween (well mom and dad called halloween the block party) Mom and dad were Pirates and my costume wouldnt fit me so mom and Kelly went and got me a different costume and I was 'Zorro'. I was really weird!! I had a fancy cape and the came with a mask that went over my eyes but I thought it was too annoying and tasty for me to have on my face so I tried to eat it!!!
Later that night Kelly and Justin and Kaycie and Alex all came over to get ready for the block party....they were all dancing around and drinking stuff that smelled like mom's cough syrup and drinking out of wee little cups...big enough to gulp down...They had a great time....every one was taking pictures and we all had our costumes on and we were all just acting funny and having a blast!!!
I wish it was Halloween every day!!! well minus the going to the block party...I of course couldnt said that we all wouldnt fit in a cab but I didnt think I would take up that much room, but I guess there was no point in arguing with her when everyone was on her side...But I was pretty tired after all the excitement though!!!
here I am in my costume...Mom and dad got a whole lot more pictures but of course most of them were really silly and crazy and mom says that most of them come with a story too long to post on the net....