Life through the eyes of a pampered Bulldog.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Holidays are for....

Wow! So much has happened since I last wrote-
Mom has a new job where she gets to play with makeup and girlie stuff all day long and put that expensive stuff all over her clients faces.... (better them than I!) So I am not really allowed on here very much.
In November, Dad had a birthday and mom had a surprise party for him- inviting all his old friends that he hasnt seen for ages... Some came from streets away, miles away, citys away, and States away... our house was soo packed and I loved every minute of it!
I got a little too excited so mom and dad gave me one of those herbal calm treats- needless to say, I was conked out!
The next day, my good buddy old pal Gunner came over and we hung out in the kitchen and posed for pics and treats...

THEN, my 2nd BIRTHDAY was on December 11th!!!!
I of course wasnt surprised to see my new toys mom and dad got me- I also got some early christmas presents from my uncle Alex and aunt Kaycie- and of course my main Gal, Zoey.
She got me a couple toys - one was dressed like a santa claus and it sang ( it only took me a few minutes to break the singer in it) - (Of course, mom took it away from me once the stuffing came out- shes evil....she thinks Im stupid enough to eat the stuffing inside.....I mean come on, I only pooped out stuffing like 3 other times before- thats nothing!)
I also got a big basket with all sorts of treats in it... There were dog cookies, doggie beer, doggie jerkey, and a PUP- ERONI PIZZA!!! I was in heaven! - mom was too because its all natural stuff!

Of course I cant fail to mention the dreaded christmas pictures I had to endure.....

I have decided that holidays are 4 for 1 good over evil...
I suppose I can endure a few santa hat pictures for a boat load of treats and toys!
(oh and who knew you arent supposed to pee on the lighted tree? I think our humans are going a little nutso with this new rule!- why have a tree in the house if you cant pee on it?)
I think I need to consult the mailman about this rule too...
(since he is the bearer of all new things to come- good and bad)