Life through the eyes of a pampered Bulldog.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

oohh fall!!

I was so bored today that I tore up my new toy.... eh... what the heck its only a toy right?
I think mom was a little mad that I got the stuffing all over the place though....
Mom told me that I better brace myself cause when dad gets home we are watching another episode of nip/tuck.......uuuugggghhhh......
I had a blast playing in the leaves today..the colors are so pretty!!! I had a lot of fun today!!!
yesterday my dad took me into his work to see everyone...I got to wear my bandanna its camo green..I love it....
ohhhh only 1 and half days until Alex and Kaycie are comming home!!!
I am excited!!!!!
Daddys car took a crap on him and so now mom and dad take mom's car everywhere...and I have to ride in the back I hate it in the back...yuck I get car sick!!! I cant wait til dad get a new one...
well mom's in a mood again Id better go....

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Snow in October?

Man was it cold today!!! I wouldn't even step a paw on the grass cause it was way too cold outside AND....It was SNOWING!!!! I couldn't understand what the heck was going on!!! My butt got cold, my toes got cold, my ears got cold....Gosh everything was cold!!!! Mom took me in and got one of her old tshirts and stuck it on me.... dad said it was okay cause it was green like my collar and it looked like a boy's shirt.... So I got to wear it didn't bother me none cause I was so cold!!! Did I mention I was cold?!!!!
Mom decided that I was old enough to call her mom instead of mommy.... So I definitely agree...Unless I want something that is.....You know, like a cookie or a piece of turkey, or oh my favorite..Ice cream!!! yum!!! Heck I'll call her anything to get me some ice cream!!!!

Mom said that uncle Alex and aunt Kaycie are coming home friday to go to the block party on saturday with mom and dad.... I guess Zoey is going to be a little devil... I can't wait to see her in her costume!!! I bet she looks so perty!!!
Im kinda mad at mom cause well for one, she hasn't got my pirate costume out yet, for two she keeps spraying this girly stuff around the house and for 3 she gave me a bath last night with this lavender oil stuff that she thought would knock me out and calm me to go to sleep....I didn't like it very much so of course I protested....
Mom went outside and took some real cool pictures...She says its the best time to take pictures...I know what that means...That means I will never get to sleep!!!!
Mom and dad moved the house around again...I hate it when they do that!! I just get comfortable and they move things around...uggghhh!!! Mom says that it was time for a fall cleaning and an adjustment of "chi" in the house ....Mom is in to Feng Shui whatever that means...I would just like to get my jaws on her book though...Its real soft and the pages smell real scrumptious!!! yum....
So of course they cleaned the whole place while I sat around and watched....I tried to help load the dish washer though....turns out im too heavy to stand on the door....who woulda thunk it?!!!
I guess its Nip/Tuck season again....thats what I call it when mom and dad go into a zombie state watching their favorite show nip/tuck..... They go crazy over it and are always trying to figure out who "there carver"is Mom and dad have their suspicions that its the other Doctor that is now in with the practice..... Mom hates Julia...she says she is so dramatic acting about everything and makes a real good impression of her....Dad thinks that Matt, the son is a little punk now....And they both think equally that Kimber is hot.....I guess its not weird since mommy isn't ashamed to say it.......
Mom and dad were thinking about going as Detective Kit McGraw and Christian Troy for Halloween but they had already bought their costumes and I sure as heck aren't gonna go as frisky the gerbil since thats about the only little part in the nip tuck series....I guess I could go as the scar faced gorilla Kiki that was featured in one of the episodes but eh...I like being a pirate better........Well I'm not in a very good mood today so I'm gonna go take a nap....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

look at my new friend!!

Here is my new friend!! I haven't caught his name yet becasue everytime I see him when I go out, he runs up into the drain pipe...Thats where he lives hes pretty funny...and fast too!!
Mom says I should call him chip cause hes a says that hes is the skinniest chipmunk she has ever saw...usually they have fat little bellies and cheeks full of goodies like me!!! I had to get rid of my pet piggie for a while while mommy figures out why it will mess up the blog on internet explorer but not on mozilla....mommy says the coding is complicated so I didnt ask.......
Well yesterday mommy and daddy went to mommy's mommys house(grammie#2) and they brought me back something to wear on my neck...its a corrective collar that I am supposed to use at night when I start barking like a crazy boy as dad says....I guess I have been getting on thier nerves with my yelling all night but its only cause I am mad at them for not playing with me at my prowling hour which is usually around 11:30 or 12:00am depending on how much and when I ate that day... anyway if I bark real loud it will beep at me to tell me to stop and if I just ignore the beep it will give me an annoying little doesnt hurt though. Grammie2 trains her weimeriner puppies not to bark at night with it and she says that it works very well!!! Sammie, aunt Bayleigh's new puppy is a whole lot younger than me and he has already been trained with the same collar I am using!! So I guess it works...but I've found out that if I bark real soft or just wine a little bit, the collar doesn't hear me and I can still make noises!!! I love to find the loopholes!!! So if I act real good and dont bark for a couple weeks when I have it on then that means Im trained!!!
I got to sleep in real late today....I am real comfortable in my new bed so I love to sleep all the time now!!! I also was able to jump up on the couch and take a short snooze today so that was very nice!!! Mommy just let me sleep for a while and after about a half hour mom sat down next to me and said "are you done yet" I was like "what" then she snapped the camera at me and said "Cyrus you sound like you are sawing logs over there" I though it was funny and so did she so we laughed together and then went outside which is what I need to go do right now so ....c-ya!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Territory

I now have my own pet piggie like mommy!! Hes fun you can feed him apples and spray him with water and he will oink and roll in the mud till you spray him off!!!!
Well, mommy came home yesterday after work and she was in real bad mood and so she took a nap and she must have woken up on the right sight of the bed cause she was nicer then. She jumped right on the computer and played her game.... In case you don't know, my mommy is addicted...yes I said addicted.....shes addicted to a computer game. Its called Age Of Empires III.
Daddy got the full version for her and now I never see her!! She comes home from work and then shes a zombie on the computer playing her game....Daddy's friend Zach told him not to get it for her if he wanted to see her cause he said he was addicted to it too!!!!
Well thanks a lot dad.....Thanks for nuthin'
While she was playing her game (and not paying any attention to me by the way) I decided to take a stroll around our apartment and realized that mommy and daddy's bedroom door was half open. So I decided to check it out. What I found wasnt pretty.... I walked around to mommy's side of the bed and realized that I smelled daddy on MINE AND MOMMY'S BLANKET!!! So I did the only right thing a little stud like me should do.... I jumped up on the bed and MARKED MY TERRITORY!!! Thats right! I peed all over our blanket so that daddy would realize that I dont want him using what's mine! (well and mommy's) It was Mommy's blanket first anyway. She wont even let daddy sleep with it most of the time because she's stingy with her covers.....(well I dont blame her I mean come on its only a queen sized comforter- down filled , soft ,nice and comfy too but any ways..yeah its too small for everyone to use it!!!) (Eventhough I am not allowed to sleep with it, I dont want my dady sleeping with it either) And I smelled my daddy on that blanket...that means that he was using it and that means he is breaking the rules!!!.....So I did what I had to do....
The only thing was..I realized that it was mommies blanket too and she's very protective over it and she'd be mad when she saw it cause it is so big and bulky to wash.....So I tippy toed out in the living room and when she glanced over at me I instantly thought she a mothers intuition or something and so I hunched down and layed flat on the floor knowing that I was in the wrong and I knew I would be in big trouble....So she instantly said "what did you do?" and I was so upset...well so was she.. so I went and layed at her feet while she pre-treated (or as she calls it "pee-treated) the blankie and stuffed it into the washer....I was so sorry.....I'll probably do it again though cause I dont think that it went across to daddy the way I wanted it to cause' he just kept saying "bad dog" and he should know by now that I am not just any dog.....
well the worst I got from it was a half hour in time out and some mean looks but hey Ill take that over taking away my own bed anyday....that really sucked last time!!! I'm not made to sleep on the hard linoleum floor with out some cushion......
Oh...Mommy told me not to swallow any guts from my froggie and lambie cause Rollie's puppy swallowed a whole bunch of it and had to be put in the hospital!!! hes still real sick Im worried for him...Rollie said that he was puking all night... I hate to puke I know he must be feeling pretty bad...I told Rollie to be strong though cause mommy said that animals are psychic and real sensitive and they know when you are worried and stuff...I think she's right ;)

Monday, October 17, 2005

what a nice day!!

Today was so nice out! I got to spend the day outside!!! I love sunning myself in the grass!!! And, the best thing is....I dont need any sunscreen!!!! hehehe
Today was mommy's favorite cousin Jessi's birthday party...of course I couldn't go so I was pouting but I had fun sleeping in!! Mommy had to wake me up and I was kinda cranky when she got home!!
Earlier today aunt Bayleigh, mommys mom and dad were here to pick up mommy and daddy to go to the party and I was so excited!!! But, daddy says that I need to work on the no jumping on visitors rule in our house or I'll be in big trouble!!!
I hate it when I get in trouble....
My aunt Tara hasnt been over to see me in a while....Mommy has been so busy lately that she hasnt returned any of her calls or anything!!! I think mommy is going to be in big trouble too!!!
Well Im going to go try out my new bed mommy fixed me after I got my baffie!!! Talk to you later!!! Bye bye!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

boring old saturday

Well today was pretty boring for me cause' we went to grammies house and she wasn't there and I could only stay in the kitchen and mommy wouldnt let me roam around. She says that its because I like to put off my scent in the house and mark my territory..... I dont see any wrong in that but I guess mommy does. Daddy painted grammies garage and fence and he smelled all funny like stinky paint!! we ended up going home and I played with my froggie again....Now my froggie doesnt have a voice or a leg!! I guess I play too rough with him!!
Mommy took more pictures of me and she caught me sleeping on the couch again...Im not really allowed on the couch but I think if I'm real quiet I can sneek a rest on it every once in a while!!
Daddy took me out today and we found a big mushroom growing under a pine tree so mommy took pictures of it.... Daddy says she is real good at it now and so she takes pictures of everything!!! Her mommy always thought it was stupid when she took pictures of stuff that her mommy wasnt into but people tell her that it pays off in the long run so she kept doing it and now shes perty good... Daddy tells her she has a real eye for pretty things and art.....She must cause she takes pictures of me all the time!!! LOL!!! Daddy keeps telling me not to get a big head about this new fame thing but Im still soo excited!!!! Im going to try to sneek some zzzz's on the couch while no one is looking, so talk to you later!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

I am Famous!!!

I am sooo excited!! Mommy told me that I am featured on my favorite bulldog site!!! The people from the site liked my pics so well that they put me on a whole separate page that talks about my breed's temperment!!! I am so excited!!!! how cool is that?!!! Mommy said that the site link is ""
Also, last night mommy and daddy went to walmart and brought me back a new toy its a fluffy green froggie that goes rrriibbitt!!! I had a blast playing with it last night!!!! I even slept with it too!!!
Daddy has the day off today but hes not awake yet and isnt feeling so well....he ate pizza last night and daddy cant eat pizza very well!!!! It hurts his tummy but he still likes it though...thats how I feel about mommies pumpkin cookies too!!!
Mommy is at work right now so she cant upload any of my new pictures on here but she will probably tonight or tomarrow on her day off...
Im going to go try to wake daddy up!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Its about time!!!

Man!! its been a long time since mommy let me back on here!!! We didnt do much this weekend...mommy and daddy went to aunt Kelly and Uncle Justin's house and ate pizza and didnt even bring me any home!!! Mommy says that its not good for dogs to eat people food but I am no dog! What is she thinking??!! But Uncle Justin did send home some cookies he made - yes he made them not aunt Kelly!!! Mommy was so shocked cause usually guys cant bake, she says "men can cook but not usually bake" and let me tell you they were delicious!!! Dont tell mommy but I got into them when she was in the shower...I even ate some of the baggie they were in too!! I dont think it has came out yet though if ya know what I mean!! Mommy also told me that every friday is "movie night" at Uncle Justin and aunt Kelly's and I CAN'T come....Im not too happy about it either.
Our Internet has been all messed up theese past few days and I havent been very happy lately cause I havent been able to play with mommy or daddy cause they are on the computer trying to fix it like every day and I need some attention sometimes you know!!!?
Mommy just got her Halloween costume yesterday she is going to be " ruby the pirate beauty" she looks real funny and her boots taste real good...I get yelled at all the time for getting into the closet and chewing on them... Daddy hasnt got his yet though....
I got to go to grammies today with mommy on her day off.. it was funny cause they were dying each others hair and putting theese funny shiny things in thier hair mommy calles it foil but I just like to chew on them!!! mommy has that real deep dark red in her hair again it looks real neat and daddy really likes it so I guess I do too!!!
well its getting late so I am going to see if I can sneek a snack from daddy before bed again!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

UH oh!!!

Oh my goodness!!! I must really be a stud!! I have 3 girls all after me now!!!I WOULD say Its nothin baby theres enough of me to go around but my REAL girlfriend Zoey would be real mad!!! Mommy says Id better behave myself for now cause thats how young men like me get thierselves into big trouble!!
Last night our power went off and it was really weird!! Mommy and daddy lit a bunch of stinky candels and had to open the windows cause it was soo hot without our air conditioning!!! Daddy gave me a bowl of ice to munch on cause I was burning up!!! We ended up going to grammies last night cause mommy said that she had to take a shower and couldnt do it in the dark!!! While we were there, uncle Alex called daddy and I wanted to talk to him sooo bad but mean old daddy wouldnt let me!! He and aunt Kaycie are in Cincinnatti for college and havent been back to visit in a few weeks...I miss them a whole lot!!! (I think mommy and daddy do too!!) Uncle Alex always brings me a new greenie almost everytime I see him!!! I cant wait until halloween cause they are comming home to celebrate with mommy and daddy!!! I wonder what costume Zoey is going to wear for halloween....hmmmm I have a picture of Zoey that mommy has up on the fridge and I look at her all the time shes a real doll. Mommy says that someday we are going to have babies... But we have to wait until Zoey gets to be about a year and half old first... I am able to be a stud right now. Thats what mommy and daddy says. Im not sure what that means but I like the ring of it!!
Oh its raining outside and I hate it cause I have to be stuck indoors all day!!! Ive been watching The Pirates of the Caribbean again today (have I mentioned that its my favorite movie?) and mommy has been taking more pictures of me... Id better get used to it cause I dont think she's going to stop!!!
I swear daddy better play with me when he gets hom cause I heard mommy telling him that they are going over to uncle Justin and aunt Kellys tonight and Im not allowed to go....oh Im telling you Im going on strike...I will do it...I will!!!
well I think Im going to tell mommy I have to go outside now so Ill talk to you later, bye bye!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

man oh man!

Well today was a weidr day for me because mommy didnt say by to me and then daddy left in a hurry for work and when mommy came home she was right on the computer talking to aunt Melinda.... And you know what?? Mommy told me that Rollie said that she might have a crush on me!!! Can you believe that? A real crush...On me!!! Wow!! I think Im in love!!! Mommy says I dont know what love love is yet but I will someday.....I dont know but Im excited!!
Well I got into trouble again today because that mean old chi wa wa was mean to me again today!! A couple of weeks ago daddy and I were going for a walk and past his house and I just wanted to give him a lick and say hi... well he was real grumpy and bit me in the hurt my feelings...I moped around all day after that....
Mommy says that his mom or grandma is kinda nuts anyway, so I kinda feel sorry for him having to deal with her all day long!!! But man he doesnt have to be so mean!!
I got him back though by doing my business on his bush outside his house!!!
Man where is my daddy? I have been waiting for him all day long and he is an hour and half late!!! I have been driving mommy crazy by yelling and pacing the door for him!!!
He had better bring me a water bottle when he comes home or Im going on strike!!!
Thats right Im going on strike with Rollie!! Its called the Gets No Love Dog Strike!!!
We will start a new dog love movement you will see!!
Ooooh wait gotta go mommy has the pumpkin cookies out!!! Yummmmmm!!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

what a beautiful day!!

Today I was so excited because once mommy got home she took me for a long walk. I got to wear my bandanna and play in the leaves! I love wearing my bandanna it is camo green just like my collar. Mommy said that she thought all dogs were color blind but I can see all colors. I can even distinguish between red and pink. I love pink.It was the color of shirt mommy was wearing when she first saw me! Ever since then mommy and daddy let me pick out toys wherever we go that allow dogs. I usually like to pick green ones when my daddy is around. I think he likes green too. I have a blankie that has pink and green on it!! Daddy says that pink is for girls but I dont mind, just as long as mommy doesnt dress me up in it I'll be fine!! I love autumn! Mommy planted some mums and asters outside and I think they taste yucky. mommy says they are poisinous to doggies so Im glad I didnt swallow them!! mommy took a picture and one of them looked like I was a flower!!! I said as perty as a bullflower!!!
Mommy made pumpkin cookies last night and I have been begging for them ever since we got home!! I think I have a secret look that makes mommy give me some of her food everytime. Daddy says that they shouldnt give table scraps to dogs cause he used to have a doggie named Beau and he got real fat and mean. I told them not to worry about the mean part in me cause I am a lover not a fighter!!
I am so excited for halloween cause I get to be a pirate this year!! Mommy is going as a girl pirate and I get to help pass out candy!! They wont let me go to the block party down here at OU. I heard them tell uncle Justin and aunt Kelly that it wouldnt be safe for me to go. Mommy thinks I will get scared. Im not scared Im a tough guy!!
I want to be Captain Jack Sparrow off of Pirates of the Caribbean!! But I think Daddy was thinking about being that but he hasnt made up his mind yet though. well Im going to go eat some real food not those yucky flowers anymore!!!

what fun!

I just got a baffie!!! Mommy said that I needed to get another one this week cause I smelled like this stinky medicine she always puts on my wrinkles. I had so much fun running and jumping!! Mommy took pictures of me. I get embarrassed in front of the camera though! When daddy came home yesterday we played for a long time. I am getting real strong!! Daddy says I am almost too strong!! Mommy is no fun cause when I try to play with her she gets frusterated when I chew on her!!
I got into trouble today cause after my baffie I ran my rounds in the Cyrus 500 and then jumped on the couch and found mommies new book. It smelled real perty and I tasted it a little. but mommy caught me and said it was time for bed. I tried to protest but I guess I was yelling too loud cause daddy got mad at me to and said "to bed". I know those words real well. I like to sleep but I wasnt done playing yet!! But it was okay though cause later daddy slipped me an emtpy water bottel to play with in my room after mommy went to bed. Gotta love daddies!! Well its my bed time so, you know what that means!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

new picture

My mommy said that I look funny in that picture so I had to pick out a new one. Mommy said that that picture doesnt show how handsome I am. I know I am handsome, I don't know of any other bulldog that gets a baffie once a week. Sometimes I get a baffie twice cause I get dirty outside. I dont think I get that dirty but mommy just wants me to stay safe and sound. But I hate that stuff she always sprays on me. It smells like a girl.. Mommy gets frusterated with me and tells me that I am "such a boy". Thank god daddy wouldnt let mommy paint my nails, then I really would get made fun of! Besides I already have a girlfriend, or at least thats what daddy tells me. Her name is Zoey she is a bulldog too!! she came over to my house once with uncle Alex and aunt Kaycie we played it was fun!! But she got real sleepy only after a little bit of playing and had to lay down. Mommy said I shouldn't bother her much cause shes a lot younger than me and she needs to rest. I dont ever remember being too tired to play!! I love to play!!
My aunt Bayleigh just got a new puppy too. But only her puppy is real tall and even younger than me!!
My daddy should be comming home soon. He had to take grammie to the doctor for a pointment. I cant wait till daddy comes home. Mommy keeps telling me to quit pacing at the door but I can't help it I am so excited!!

I get to have a dog blog too!!

I am a 9 (almost 10) month old english bulldog named Cyrus. Well actually my fancy name is Prince Cyrus Jones The Great. Mommy says that I am registered with the akc, whatever that means...all I know is, I am the baby of the family....
I live in Athens Ohio...I absolutely love to go to petland and make fun of all the little doggies in the windows. Mommy says its not very nice but I dont mind at all...
My second bestest thing to do is to play with my daddy. Hes real strong but Im getting stronger and sometimes I can get him down. I like to wrestle and jump on my daddys belly. He always makes funny growls when I do that!!
Mommy is my lovie!! I love to give her kisses. I like to sleep on her side of the bed but only with mommy, not daddy... Mommy wont let me sleep in the bed anymore because mommy gets mad when I have accidents on her big white soft fluffy down comforter. I think she thinks they are just accidents but really I just do it on purpose so that way daddy wont sleep on mine and mommies blanket!! Mommy smells much better than daddy does!!
We used to stay at grammies a lot. I love my grammie! She always gives me treats!! And she talks to me nice like mommy does!!
she has a pool and a big back yard I always lay on lawn chairs when its sunny out. Mommy and grammie laughs at me all the time when I do that. But I dont like those big things in the pool, they move around all the time and I try to scare them off but they arent scared of me. It makes me real mad!!
My grammie has a kitty with 6 toes on his hands, he doesnt like me much though. Daddy says that I am just to big to play with him. But I dont think so. I must be growin real big cause I used to be able to sit on mommies lap all the time when we go for car rides but now she makes me sit in the back and I cant see very good from back there...I like to be up high so that way I can see everyone. My daddy always laughs at me cause I like to get on the arm of the couch. Daddy tells me that I am not very agile but I dont know what that means so I just wiggle my tail pocket and smile! My daddy likes to play on the computer and I get really mad and yell at him... Mommy tells me to quit sassing but I dont know what that means either... So I just wag my tail pocket and smile !!
thats what I do when I dont understand cause that way they cant get mad at me!! Mommy calls me a little fat bellied pig I think its funny causeI sometimes watch piggies on the animal planet.. Mommy says that she always wanted a pot bellied pig, so I try to act like one!!!

Mommy asked me if I wanted a dog blog and I said sure!!! Mommie said that my aunt Melinda and uncle Hunter has a dog blog for thier little girl named Rollie. I cant wait to meet her. Mommy says that she gets to play in the creek sometimes. I wish I could play in the creek. Mommy says I cant swim very good but I think I can. Daddy puts me in grammies pool sometimes... I just like to float on those big things that I try to scare off.. Thats the only time I like them. Maybe if I lay down in the tub when I get a baffie mommy will see that I am not scared of the water and then think that I can swim okay... Mommy gets reall funny about me getting dirty. Mommy says that she will not have a stinky puppy in her house, so I try to stay clean so I can sit on the couch with her! Besides I like to get a baffie cause mommy and daddy laugh at me real hard when I run around the house! They call it the Cyrus 500 and its the only time I get to run in the house when mommy is home. Daddy lets me run real fast sometimes when mommy isnt home! Just dont tell mommy, she will get daddy in trouble and then I will have to "behave" well I have to go now its time for my nap....Talk to you soon bye bye!!