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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Its about time!!!

Man!! its been a long time since mommy let me back on here!!! We didnt do much this weekend...mommy and daddy went to aunt Kelly and Uncle Justin's house and ate pizza and didnt even bring me any home!!! Mommy says that its not good for dogs to eat people food but I am no dog! What is she thinking??!! But Uncle Justin did send home some cookies he made - yes he made them not aunt Kelly!!! Mommy was so shocked cause usually guys cant bake, she says "men can cook but not usually bake" and let me tell you they were delicious!!! Dont tell mommy but I got into them when she was in the shower...I even ate some of the baggie they were in too!! I dont think it has came out yet though if ya know what I mean!! Mommy also told me that every friday is "movie night" at Uncle Justin and aunt Kelly's and I CAN'T come....Im not too happy about it either.
Our Internet has been all messed up theese past few days and I havent been very happy lately cause I havent been able to play with mommy or daddy cause they are on the computer trying to fix it like every day and I need some attention sometimes you know!!!?
Mommy just got her Halloween costume yesterday she is going to be " ruby the pirate beauty" she looks real funny and her boots taste real good...I get yelled at all the time for getting into the closet and chewing on them... Daddy hasnt got his yet though....
I got to go to grammies today with mommy on her day off.. it was funny cause they were dying each others hair and putting theese funny shiny things in thier hair mommy calles it foil but I just like to chew on them!!! mommy has that real deep dark red in her hair again it looks real neat and daddy really likes it so I guess I do too!!!
well its getting late so I am going to see if I can sneek a snack from daddy before bed again!!!

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Rollie said...

Cyrus...could you please ask Uncle Justin to send me some cookies too? My Mommy & Daddy don't know how to make cookies, and I am jealous! I've missed you, by the way!