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Sunday, October 16, 2005

boring old saturday

Well today was pretty boring for me cause' we went to grammies house and she wasn't there and I could only stay in the kitchen and mommy wouldnt let me roam around. She says that its because I like to put off my scent in the house and mark my territory..... I dont see any wrong in that but I guess mommy does. Daddy painted grammies garage and fence and he smelled all funny like stinky paint!! we ended up going home and I played with my froggie again....Now my froggie doesnt have a voice or a leg!! I guess I play too rough with him!!
Mommy took more pictures of me and she caught me sleeping on the couch again...Im not really allowed on the couch but I think if I'm real quiet I can sneek a rest on it every once in a while!!
Daddy took me out today and we found a big mushroom growing under a pine tree so mommy took pictures of it.... Daddy says she is real good at it now and so she takes pictures of everything!!! Her mommy always thought it was stupid when she took pictures of stuff that her mommy wasnt into but people tell her that it pays off in the long run so she kept doing it and now shes perty good... Daddy tells her she has a real eye for pretty things and art.....She must cause she takes pictures of me all the time!!! LOL!!! Daddy keeps telling me not to get a big head about this new fame thing but Im still soo excited!!!! Im going to try to sneek some zzzz's on the couch while no one is looking, so talk to you later!!!

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Rollie said...

Hi Cyrus! I like the pictures of your pretty mushroom! Did you know that my Mommy takes pictures of funny stuff too! She likes nature pictures best, so we both loved the mushroom. And by the way, congratulations on becoming famous! You're a superstar!!!!! My favorite teen idol! xoxo