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Monday, October 03, 2005

new picture

My mommy said that I look funny in that picture so I had to pick out a new one. Mommy said that that picture doesnt show how handsome I am. I know I am handsome, I don't know of any other bulldog that gets a baffie once a week. Sometimes I get a baffie twice cause I get dirty outside. I dont think I get that dirty but mommy just wants me to stay safe and sound. But I hate that stuff she always sprays on me. It smells like a girl.. Mommy gets frusterated with me and tells me that I am "such a boy". Thank god daddy wouldnt let mommy paint my nails, then I really would get made fun of! Besides I already have a girlfriend, or at least thats what daddy tells me. Her name is Zoey she is a bulldog too!! she came over to my house once with uncle Alex and aunt Kaycie we played it was fun!! But she got real sleepy only after a little bit of playing and had to lay down. Mommy said I shouldn't bother her much cause shes a lot younger than me and she needs to rest. I dont ever remember being too tired to play!! I love to play!!
My aunt Bayleigh just got a new puppy too. But only her puppy is real tall and even younger than me!!
My daddy should be comming home soon. He had to take grammie to the doctor for a pointment. I cant wait till daddy comes home. Mommy keeps telling me to quit pacing at the door but I can't help it I am so excited!!

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