Life through the eyes of a pampered Bulldog.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

what fun!

I just got a baffie!!! Mommy said that I needed to get another one this week cause I smelled like this stinky medicine she always puts on my wrinkles. I had so much fun running and jumping!! Mommy took pictures of me. I get embarrassed in front of the camera though! When daddy came home yesterday we played for a long time. I am getting real strong!! Daddy says I am almost too strong!! Mommy is no fun cause when I try to play with her she gets frusterated when I chew on her!!
I got into trouble today cause after my baffie I ran my rounds in the Cyrus 500 and then jumped on the couch and found mommies new book. It smelled real perty and I tasted it a little. but mommy caught me and said it was time for bed. I tried to protest but I guess I was yelling too loud cause daddy got mad at me to and said "to bed". I know those words real well. I like to sleep but I wasnt done playing yet!! But it was okay though cause later daddy slipped me an emtpy water bottel to play with in my room after mommy went to bed. Gotta love daddies!! Well its my bed time so, you know what that means!!!


Rollie said...

I am interested in competing in the Cyrus do I enter this contest?

Cyrus The Great said...

Well you have to run and run real fast as fast as you can around the house. I run with my butt down so I can pick up more speed. and then once you've knocked over everything imaginable youve won!! (usually you get yelled at afterwards but its worth it) Its a great work out too if you are trying to loose weight!!