Life through the eyes of a pampered Bulldog.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I get to have a dog blog too!!

I am a 9 (almost 10) month old english bulldog named Cyrus. Well actually my fancy name is Prince Cyrus Jones The Great. Mommy says that I am registered with the akc, whatever that means...all I know is, I am the baby of the family....
I live in Athens Ohio...I absolutely love to go to petland and make fun of all the little doggies in the windows. Mommy says its not very nice but I dont mind at all...
My second bestest thing to do is to play with my daddy. Hes real strong but Im getting stronger and sometimes I can get him down. I like to wrestle and jump on my daddys belly. He always makes funny growls when I do that!!
Mommy is my lovie!! I love to give her kisses. I like to sleep on her side of the bed but only with mommy, not daddy... Mommy wont let me sleep in the bed anymore because mommy gets mad when I have accidents on her big white soft fluffy down comforter. I think she thinks they are just accidents but really I just do it on purpose so that way daddy wont sleep on mine and mommies blanket!! Mommy smells much better than daddy does!!
We used to stay at grammies a lot. I love my grammie! She always gives me treats!! And she talks to me nice like mommy does!!
she has a pool and a big back yard I always lay on lawn chairs when its sunny out. Mommy and grammie laughs at me all the time when I do that. But I dont like those big things in the pool, they move around all the time and I try to scare them off but they arent scared of me. It makes me real mad!!
My grammie has a kitty with 6 toes on his hands, he doesnt like me much though. Daddy says that I am just to big to play with him. But I dont think so. I must be growin real big cause I used to be able to sit on mommies lap all the time when we go for car rides but now she makes me sit in the back and I cant see very good from back there...I like to be up high so that way I can see everyone. My daddy always laughs at me cause I like to get on the arm of the couch. Daddy tells me that I am not very agile but I dont know what that means so I just wiggle my tail pocket and smile! My daddy likes to play on the computer and I get really mad and yell at him... Mommy tells me to quit sassing but I dont know what that means either... So I just wag my tail pocket and smile !!
thats what I do when I dont understand cause that way they cant get mad at me!! Mommy calls me a little fat bellied pig I think its funny causeI sometimes watch piggies on the animal planet.. Mommy says that she always wanted a pot bellied pig, so I try to act like one!!!

Mommy asked me if I wanted a dog blog and I said sure!!! Mommie said that my aunt Melinda and uncle Hunter has a dog blog for thier little girl named Rollie. I cant wait to meet her. Mommy says that she gets to play in the creek sometimes. I wish I could play in the creek. Mommy says I cant swim very good but I think I can. Daddy puts me in grammies pool sometimes... I just like to float on those big things that I try to scare off.. Thats the only time I like them. Maybe if I lay down in the tub when I get a baffie mommy will see that I am not scared of the water and then think that I can swim okay... Mommy gets reall funny about me getting dirty. Mommy says that she will not have a stinky puppy in her house, so I try to stay clean so I can sit on the couch with her! Besides I like to get a baffie cause mommy and daddy laugh at me real hard when I run around the house! They call it the Cyrus 500 and its the only time I get to run in the house when mommy is home. Daddy lets me run real fast sometimes when mommy isnt home! Just dont tell mommy, she will get daddy in trouble and then I will have to "behave" well I have to go now its time for my nap....Talk to you soon bye bye!!


Rollie said...

Hi Cyrus! I love the Blog that your mommy helped you make! Aren't Mommies the best? You should definitely say hello to Minou...she's my Chihuahua friend. She's real nice!
I hope I get to meet you sometime! I like your smile!!!
And no, I'm not flirting...I'm not that easy! hehe

Cyrus The Great said...

Thanks Rollie!! I can't wait to meet you!! Mommie showed me a picure of you and you are real perty too!!
Im not sure I even know how to flirt! I just like to romp around and play!!