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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Territory

I now have my own pet piggie like mommy!! Hes fun you can feed him apples and spray him with water and he will oink and roll in the mud till you spray him off!!!!
Well, mommy came home yesterday after work and she was in real bad mood and so she took a nap and she must have woken up on the right sight of the bed cause she was nicer then. She jumped right on the computer and played her game.... In case you don't know, my mommy is addicted...yes I said addicted.....shes addicted to a computer game. Its called Age Of Empires III.
Daddy got the full version for her and now I never see her!! She comes home from work and then shes a zombie on the computer playing her game....Daddy's friend Zach told him not to get it for her if he wanted to see her cause he said he was addicted to it too!!!!
Well thanks a lot dad.....Thanks for nuthin'
While she was playing her game (and not paying any attention to me by the way) I decided to take a stroll around our apartment and realized that mommy and daddy's bedroom door was half open. So I decided to check it out. What I found wasnt pretty.... I walked around to mommy's side of the bed and realized that I smelled daddy on MINE AND MOMMY'S BLANKET!!! So I did the only right thing a little stud like me should do.... I jumped up on the bed and MARKED MY TERRITORY!!! Thats right! I peed all over our blanket so that daddy would realize that I dont want him using what's mine! (well and mommy's) It was Mommy's blanket first anyway. She wont even let daddy sleep with it most of the time because she's stingy with her covers.....(well I dont blame her I mean come on its only a queen sized comforter- down filled , soft ,nice and comfy too but any ways..yeah its too small for everyone to use it!!!) (Eventhough I am not allowed to sleep with it, I dont want my dady sleeping with it either) And I smelled my daddy on that blanket...that means that he was using it and that means he is breaking the rules!!!.....So I did what I had to do....
The only thing was..I realized that it was mommies blanket too and she's very protective over it and she'd be mad when she saw it cause it is so big and bulky to wash.....So I tippy toed out in the living room and when she glanced over at me I instantly thought she a mothers intuition or something and so I hunched down and layed flat on the floor knowing that I was in the wrong and I knew I would be in big trouble....So she instantly said "what did you do?" and I was so upset...well so was she.. so I went and layed at her feet while she pre-treated (or as she calls it "pee-treated) the blankie and stuffed it into the washer....I was so sorry.....I'll probably do it again though cause I dont think that it went across to daddy the way I wanted it to cause' he just kept saying "bad dog" and he should know by now that I am not just any dog.....
well the worst I got from it was a half hour in time out and some mean looks but hey Ill take that over taking away my own bed anyday....that really sucked last time!!! I'm not made to sleep on the hard linoleum floor with out some cushion......
Oh...Mommy told me not to swallow any guts from my froggie and lambie cause Rollie's puppy swallowed a whole bunch of it and had to be put in the hospital!!! hes still real sick Im worried for him...Rollie said that he was puking all night... I hate to puke I know he must be feeling pretty bad...I told Rollie to be strong though cause mommy said that animals are psychic and real sensitive and they know when you are worried and stuff...I think she's right ;)

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Rollie said... are going to get in big trouble if you do that again! You are not allowed to go pee pee on Mommy's blankies! I know, cause when I did it before, Daddy grabbed my ear and said I was real bad. I know that you are trying to tell your Daddy to not use your Mommy's stuff, but you have to be more sneaky! Try peeing on Daddy's side of the bed, that way he won't sleep with you & Mommy at all and in turn, his smell won't be on any of the blankies ever! Evil Daddy! You go pee on his side right now!!! But don't tell your parents I said to, okay! Cause then I'll be in trouble too! Good luck, and happy peeing!