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Friday, October 07, 2005

UH oh!!!

Oh my goodness!!! I must really be a stud!! I have 3 girls all after me now!!!I WOULD say Its nothin baby theres enough of me to go around but my REAL girlfriend Zoey would be real mad!!! Mommy says Id better behave myself for now cause thats how young men like me get thierselves into big trouble!!
Last night our power went off and it was really weird!! Mommy and daddy lit a bunch of stinky candels and had to open the windows cause it was soo hot without our air conditioning!!! Daddy gave me a bowl of ice to munch on cause I was burning up!!! We ended up going to grammies last night cause mommy said that she had to take a shower and couldnt do it in the dark!!! While we were there, uncle Alex called daddy and I wanted to talk to him sooo bad but mean old daddy wouldnt let me!! He and aunt Kaycie are in Cincinnatti for college and havent been back to visit in a few weeks...I miss them a whole lot!!! (I think mommy and daddy do too!!) Uncle Alex always brings me a new greenie almost everytime I see him!!! I cant wait until halloween cause they are comming home to celebrate with mommy and daddy!!! I wonder what costume Zoey is going to wear for halloween....hmmmm I have a picture of Zoey that mommy has up on the fridge and I look at her all the time shes a real doll. Mommy says that someday we are going to have babies... But we have to wait until Zoey gets to be about a year and half old first... I am able to be a stud right now. Thats what mommy and daddy says. Im not sure what that means but I like the ring of it!!
Oh its raining outside and I hate it cause I have to be stuck indoors all day!!! Ive been watching The Pirates of the Caribbean again today (have I mentioned that its my favorite movie?) and mommy has been taking more pictures of me... Id better get used to it cause I dont think she's going to stop!!!
I swear daddy better play with me when he gets hom cause I heard mommy telling him that they are going over to uncle Justin and aunt Kellys tonight and Im not allowed to go....oh Im telling you Im going on strike...I will do it...I will!!!
well I think Im going to tell mommy I have to go outside now so Ill talk to you later, bye bye!!


·:•»* -Kenzie- *«•:· said...

Hey Cyrus! I want to be your girlfriend too! Mommy calls me a slut because I always sprawl out on the floor hoping that Baxter will noticed me! Mommy says that she needs some help putting pictures of me onto my site because it's not easy like my site! And she's having problems trying to put links up too! Well, it's time for me to go, mommy says she's about to go get "shitfaced", whatever that means...

Rollie said...

Gee Cyrus...I can see that you have Zoey now, so does this mean that we can't be friends anymore? :(
And what is a greenie?