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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And The Awards Go to....

YES! Its true my friends, Cyrus the Great has prepared an award to my 2 good friends who keep me and my wrinkles going!
Thanks for being great Dog Bloggin Pals!

And The Bull-Buddy, Slobbers of Love Award Goes To:

Mango The Maltese!!!!!
Balboa The French Bulldog!!!!!

This one's for you!

(Anyone else wanna be in my butt wigglin Bull Circle? Drop me a bone or sniff me over sometime!)

Later Dudes!
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello again to all my fun furry friends!

Im trying to not keep you all in the dark about my daily happenings but the 'rents are such losers sometimes because they never seem to let me on anymore.

Today Im a bit under the weather. Ive been dealing with those stupid seasonal allergies us bullies get. You know, the same old itchy hotspots on the belly just tucked in close enough for me to be to fat to scratch it but out enough that my rolls rub it to annoy the beesknees out of me....The same old irritating interdigital cysts...Those stupid things are so darn sore! They swell up and then end up bursting and bleed! The vet says that its just a bulldog thing and he says that because they are such short lived cysts, theres nothing to do for 'em but to soak 'em and suck it up! Ugh. How convenient. So I have had to endure the baths with oatmeal and the toe soaks with epsom salts. Let me just tell ya.... IT SUCKS! .....Er...Well....The process sucks- but the pity and attention rocks!!! (Well, minus the bunny ears) Im always waiting for the 'rents to bring home a new chew toy or soft blanket or some sweet smelling treats while Im afflicted! (Do I know how to play the game or what?! - Im telling you pups, the best way to get any goodies is to welt up those sad eyes and make sure to limp once and look back at them! Its a surefire way to score some treats!)

Speaking of treats, a rather cool- ah hum- (cooler than my 'rents obviously) - ah hum- person contacted me about her blog. She tests dog products on her own dogs to see if other dogs would like them. What a cool job man! I wish my 'rents could get a job like that! I mean, seriously, those dogs have it made for sure! Her website is

and right now shes doing this thing where if you post about it, she'll send you some goodies from Dogswell! I mean, duh right?! Me + free treats = BLISS!! (I suggest you do the same!)

Later dudes!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Playing catch-up!

I know, I know, I know- it has been a few months since my last happenings...... Spare me the wrinkled brow beating just this once. Trust me I can explain.
Oh, where to start??
How about my clumsy mom hurting her finger and having to go to the hospital ER to get x-rays?
(leaving me without any help whatsoever to blog) Not good enough? Yeah, I didn't think so....
Well how about this little diddy:


And let me just tell you first hand, it was horrible.

It all started when mom and dad decided to leave me - while asleep mind you- while the visited friends. (the nerve right?)
While laying there in the a/c on my plush fleece bed, dreaming of cheez-its and wonderfully crisp pig ears, I heard a gust of wind SLAM the side of our balcony. I jumped so high out of my bed I broke wind myself! I ran to the sliding glass door thinking I might be able to stand my ground against the flying roof shingles and pieces of siding should they break through the door.

All I could see was mom's flowers flying across the deck. About that time the 'rents came running up the stairs. They grabbed me up and wouldn't let me near the windows. (Apparently they were worried about me) They said that they were at their friends and their breezeway ceiling entrance to their apartment got completely ripped off and power lines were down all over the city. Then it got quiet......Real quiet........ So quiet I got hounded for every little snort, snore or peep that came out of either of my ends! Then it got dark.....Real dark.......So dark, I couldn't see my paws in front of me. Obviously the power was out. I nearly panted to death with no a/c! Mom went around lighting every stinky candle she had. Dad finally admitted that he appreciated her passion for candles! Seriously, she is a candle freak, I think! In any case we were lit up like Vegas in our place! The neighbors actually came and knocked on our door to see why we had power and they didn't! We laughed when they realized that it was all from moms 'color coordinated' candles!

Later that night, some of the 'rents friends came over- I would assume because their place wasn't lit up as well as ours. I didn't mind because mom's friend, Heather, brought over her dog Jovie, (a Yorkie) and we played around while they played cards. All was well until the next morning when a box of Popsicles in the freezer melted down the fridge door onto the floor. Mom went ballistic. (While she ran back and forth to get towels, I stole a few licks off the door!- But she doesn't know that so we'll keep it on the DL for now.) The bad part was, the 'rents just bought about $150 bucks worth of groceries a few days before and they were all set to ruin unless by chance they could find some ice. They went driving from town to town trying to find ice. No luck. Hours later, they finally found a gas station that sold them the last 3 bags of ice! The town was in a panic with melting Popsicles and no ice! People were calling the 'rents left and right asking them if they had ice and power! We ended up not getting our power back on for 3 more days. It was a mess without power! NO animal Planet, NO symphony music to sleep, NO Internet.... I was not a happy camper. Did I mention, I DO NOT like to camp?? Yeah, and um- last I checked, camping is basically sleeping on the hard ground with no power. Not worth it dude!

So-flash forward to last week.

The 'rents 'god children' came over and we played on the playground. They are 3 & 4, Ethan and Addi. They actually tried to get me to go down the slide! I had to let them know that it was way to small for my wrinkly body to fit down. Plus I'm kinda weary of that thing for the simple fact it shocked me every time I went near it. But it was pretty fun. Ethan had my leash on me all day, dragging me around the house and the playground. I was so exhausted when the day was done, I went straight to bed. Bed... Which leads me to my next little unpleasant update.

I now have a new room. UGH. I'm NOT happy about it.

My wonderfully cozy room was in the laundry room. My bed was situated in the room and it was like a comfy little cave. All was well until the 'rents decided to get a new dryer. So they moved my bed and bowls into the kitchen. Mom says its because I was 'developing a cold in my eye and a stomach upset due to an allergy' - Shes full of it! She thinks that I get irritated with the lint in the air in the laundry room and that's why I get eye goop in the mornings. Ive got news- NO its because I power sleep! SO anyway, shes been giving me human grade probiotics in my food to see if it will work. (I have to admit, my gas hasn't been as rank and I do feel a bit more of a pep in my step) I always act like its such a chore for mom to clean me up and give me supplements but really, I just like the attention. So that's another thing to keep on the DL!
This is the probiotic the 'rents take (and well, I take it too) just in case you want to send the message to your flatulent and allergic doggie friends. (we take the powder)
Mom recently went to a class about probiotics where she works and its a pretty impressive brand if you research it for yourself.
Anyway, I'm gonna head off here and check out some Howl-o-ween costumes. I'm open to suggestions as long as mom doesn't try to make me some fru fru dog princess. That I will have to protest!
Later dudes!