Life through the eyes of a pampered Bulldog.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sorry all- be posting soon!

In response to Balboa, no the neighbor didnt eat me hehe...
Soooo much has happened since my last post but I never have time to let you all know about it because mom or dad are always too busy to set up the computer for me....or they are always hogging it... but I promise I will be posting soon and show you the awesome pics of me and my new collar from -- please bare with me for a little bit- I will be back soon!
later dudes!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

New Neighbor!!!

Wow its been so nice here in Ohio lately! I have been outside running around, going for walks and peeking at the neighbors through the fence. My neighbors are a black lab and a tiny puppy that kinda looks like she is part husky or collie cause shes real pretty! I cant handle myself sometimes cause I just want to get over there and slobber all over that her!

Today I was in the computer room with mom as she was hogging the computer (as usual) and I was sitting on my special swivel ottoman looking out the window so mom opened it, and I wanted to just jump right out the window to go play with the neighbors! They were outside in their yard playing. I begged and pleaded mom to let me go play with them but she told me I had to be patient because the Black Lab's little sister and she isn't big enough to romp and play without getting hurt. I promised her I would be easy and extra careful not to knock her down as I lick her to death.... But of course, the answer was a big fat NO... ugh, my mom- sometimes she can drive me crazy! Her reply was 'Cyrus, for one, you are not a Chihuahua nor are you the size of one and you don't know your own strength sometimes... And for two, a Bull in a China Shop is hardly easy and careful! Now, I don't know where or how she got this idea in her head because I believe I am quite agile, contrary to her belief. In fact I fit under most coffee tables and kitchen chairs nicely....Okay, Okay YES I did get stuck and had to have help getting out.. but I could have gotten out by myself just fine, I just would have had to take a nap in between trying. Ugh.

Anyway while I was hanging out the window, the neighbor's mom took this pic of me. She's real nice, she always tells me I'm cute and pets me and stuff...

Man I cant wait until the baby grows up a little... then its Romping time!

My rents' are thinking about asking the neighbors and their rents' to come over this summer and hang out in the back yard. Our pool will be up and ready soon... I cant wait! I think this year I get my own pool... last year it was a no show- I still wont let the rents' live that one down!

Yes, yes, I know, I know.....I can hear the mailman's words of wisdom in my head 'be patient and be kind, love and respect your parents because they know whats best for you'. Ugh- I hate having a conscious....Although, I do like treats!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Springtime, Snow and Warm Fuzzies...

Well, it is already spring time and I am really confused now.... literally 4 days ago, it was 80 degrees outside here in Ohio and now its SNOWING? Oh, the mailman and I are really going to have to have a LONG chat this time.... He keeps bringing me things I am not understanding... This weather is really messing with my tail pocket... Last week I heard talks between the 'rents about us getting a swimming pool and now they are talking about getting me snow/hiking boots?! What is going on here?!

On the upside of things, Mom and Dad are now in correlation with this awesome guy who owns a really awesome site called (which you can go to the top of the page and click on the site through my links) and they sell ALL kinds of different stuff for dogs like, real authentic quality leather collars and leads (in cool different styles I might add), Dog beds, bowls, crates, dog wear- like these awesome boots I'm getting... they are really neat.. mom says that they are a must for bulldogs not only because they help dogs who are prone to hip dysplacia (like bulldogs) but they also shield us from getting our paws frozen or burned from hot pavement, toxic stuff on the ground, sharp stuff like tacks and nails and just general bad stuff that would make us sick since our pads on our feet are the most sensitive part on our bodies and we soak up and dissipate heat from our paws like our humans sweat through their skin! These bad boys are made from NEO-PAWS and are the best of the best! They are made from neoprene like those crazy dare devil dogs who wear those wetsuits that surf with their humans on the Animal Planet! Mom says that the owner of Lucy's Dog House has a Great Dane that he named his company after and what is even cooler, He DONATES A PERCENTAGE OF SALES THAT HE GETS TO DOG RESCUES! How cool is that?!

It made the 'rents really feel good and safe to know that they are helping a company, when buying me stuff, where a portion of sales will go towards saving our wonderful K9 buddies all over the world.... and in addition, they have such an awesome variety of cool stuff for dogs and people alike! The mailman says that it is always good to give back to others even when you don't have to..... He says that it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside like after you have eaten a big Grennie and roll over for your 'rents to rub your belly! I'm all for that! Giving is good!

So all you awesome buddies of mine, go on over to Lucy's Dog House and check out the cool stuff, coax your rents into buying you some sweet kicks like mine and feel the warm and fuzzies coming your way!

(See, mom thinks I am not humble... Ha!, the more she thinks I need work, the more treats I get for doing what she says!- Its a WIN-WIN situation here!)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some crazy cats..

Nothing really new here at our house to rave about...

I'm kind of perturbed because some crazy Tom Cats got under our house and I hear them doing their 'cat calls' and growling at each other all night and it makes me angry so I am constantly having to go over to the vent and bark down there at them to quite down!.... The 'rents think its funny to hear me grumble and bark at them but it really makes me mad!!

I know our upstairs cat, Toby - I call him our upstairs cat because he never comes downstairs because he likes to lounge around up there and sit freely in the window (I try to sit in the window but I don't fit as well on the little ledge they call a window sill) * Note to self- tell the mailman (the bringer of all new things to come, aka the future man) to start making Bulldog butt sized window sills* Anyway back to what I was saying, Toby doesn't like the cats down there either... he gets mad at night and growls at them too... so I have to hear all sorts of racket while I'm trying to get my studlyrest....

Mom says that there will most likely be kittens we will have to get out from under the house... great... I'm sure dad will be thrilled about that one! lol

I think my mom is going through one of her pet adventure phases again because now she and dad are going Thursday to get some fish... something called an Angelfish.... she wants to ultimately breed them even though most websites say that it is really hard to get them to... I have no clue about all that jazz... we'll see... Dad says its another thing for me to sit and look at when I'm bored and bark at when they move without my permission! I guess I'm game for that!
Oh- I added a new link also...
A nice human named Casey contacted me and wanted to know if they could add my blog to their animal Internet site.. (and its really cool too 'cause its all animatorials, you know- all created by us animals?!- pretty cool!) check it out!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who's got a Bahama Momma?

Ive got a Bahama Momma! (and Poppa!)

I don't know why I'm actually even excited because I cant go....(yeah I guess Id better explain huh?)

Well, about a month ago, my mom and aunt Kelly went to some big Bridal Show in Columbus (where my mom's aunt lives- I guess its a big city with lots and lots of dog parks to play in compared to our town) and mom filled out every entry form there was to fill out at this thing and she ended up getting a call from a company telling her that her and dad were lucky winners and that they won an all inclusive paid vacation to the Bahamas!

Well, tonight mom and dad went to Columbus to pick up their packages and all that jazz... and now I guess they are going in June.....

The sad part is, I don't think I'm going to get to go.... Mom said she is going to check and see but she said its doubtful....

In normal cases, I would be really 'bark raving mad' about this but in all reality, I know that I am going to have a blast while they are gone because my grammie (who I will be staying with) always spoils the wrinkles out of me!!

I know how to whimper just right to get her to give me extra poopie snacks too!

So yep! I'm proud to say sayanora to the old rents for a week in June to get the full blown grammie treatment!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mr. pop art pig!

So look what my mom did?!
I am now a Pop Art Pig!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Long Long Long Time no Blog?!

Holy Moly there has been soo much happened since I was last on here...

Let's see, Dad got a really good job, (more treats for me) Mom got moved up and now has a new title at Clinique.... (I still wont let her paint my nails though cause' that's drawing the line- the powder in my winkles is girlie enough- even though it does feel good - BUT DON'T TELL HER I SAID THAT!! )

My Lovie Girlfriend Zoey has a new sister named Marlie... I guess she is a little fluffy Pomeranian (I don't know what possessed Aunt Kaycie into getting one of those dogs.. I hope Zoey doesn't feel bad like her Mommy doesn't like her anymore- I know its not true... But hey, on the other hand, maybe she could come and live with us!! Then we could play alllllll day long!) I think Ill ask the mailman what he thinks ( since he is the guy who brings all the good and bad news, maybe he can make something happen for me!)

Mom has been talking to my original Breeder Mrs. Anne McCurdy and family, swapping pictures and talking back and forth and they sent me a message telling me that my REAL MOMMY lives with them and is doing fine!! How cool is that?!

Mom showed me a pic of my real Mommy and I look just like her! Her name is Jo Dandy Peggy Sue- aka 'Peggy' for short (just like me she has a 'for short' name! You know, 'Cyrus' for short?!)

That's soo cool!

Mom says that my breeder even breeds Maltese's and Mini Bulldogs too! (she does the Mini's for health reasons cause some of us big Englishers often get sore and stuff cause we are so strong and all) Not Me though! I'm a tough guy to the core!! I haven't even had to go to the Vet because of being sick EVER!! Mom and Dad say its good genes and good food- but I say, I don't have time to be sick cause I'm a Rock star! Its just not fair to my fans!! (okay okay mom is yelling at me to be modest- ugh ) But at any rate, my real parents did a good job with me!! :)

Mom and dad are talking about getting me a little friend (bulldog) to play with sometime soon- and it will be a girl ( lord I hope she isn't all about that smelly girlie spray stuff mom tries to put on me- Ill be crossing my toes). Mom says that they want to get one from my breeder or my relatives (both are in my links above) But the new one I just added is my original breeder's new site and it is if any one's parents are interested..... (oh yeah, I think Mrs. McCurdy is going to put more pics of me on that site too so check it out as much as ya can!)

The 'rents are also thinking really hard about letting me be for stud... (not really sure what that means but I think it has something to do with me being a dad?!) Either way pretty cool!