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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Some crazy cats..

Nothing really new here at our house to rave about...

I'm kind of perturbed because some crazy Tom Cats got under our house and I hear them doing their 'cat calls' and growling at each other all night and it makes me angry so I am constantly having to go over to the vent and bark down there at them to quite down!.... The 'rents think its funny to hear me grumble and bark at them but it really makes me mad!!

I know our upstairs cat, Toby - I call him our upstairs cat because he never comes downstairs because he likes to lounge around up there and sit freely in the window (I try to sit in the window but I don't fit as well on the little ledge they call a window sill) * Note to self- tell the mailman (the bringer of all new things to come, aka the future man) to start making Bulldog butt sized window sills* Anyway back to what I was saying, Toby doesn't like the cats down there either... he gets mad at night and growls at them too... so I have to hear all sorts of racket while I'm trying to get my studlyrest....

Mom says that there will most likely be kittens we will have to get out from under the house... great... I'm sure dad will be thrilled about that one! lol

I think my mom is going through one of her pet adventure phases again because now she and dad are going Thursday to get some fish... something called an Angelfish.... she wants to ultimately breed them even though most websites say that it is really hard to get them to... I have no clue about all that jazz... we'll see... Dad says its another thing for me to sit and look at when I'm bored and bark at when they move without my permission! I guess I'm game for that!
Oh- I added a new link also...
A nice human named Casey contacted me and wanted to know if they could add my blog to their animal Internet site.. (and its really cool too 'cause its all animatorials, you know- all created by us animals?!- pretty cool!) check it out!

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Jasper said...

You are one KEWL dog! I enjoyed your blog,