Life through the eyes of a pampered Bulldog.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

New Neighbor!!!

Wow its been so nice here in Ohio lately! I have been outside running around, going for walks and peeking at the neighbors through the fence. My neighbors are a black lab and a tiny puppy that kinda looks like she is part husky or collie cause shes real pretty! I cant handle myself sometimes cause I just want to get over there and slobber all over that her!

Today I was in the computer room with mom as she was hogging the computer (as usual) and I was sitting on my special swivel ottoman looking out the window so mom opened it, and I wanted to just jump right out the window to go play with the neighbors! They were outside in their yard playing. I begged and pleaded mom to let me go play with them but she told me I had to be patient because the Black Lab's little sister and she isn't big enough to romp and play without getting hurt. I promised her I would be easy and extra careful not to knock her down as I lick her to death.... But of course, the answer was a big fat NO... ugh, my mom- sometimes she can drive me crazy! Her reply was 'Cyrus, for one, you are not a Chihuahua nor are you the size of one and you don't know your own strength sometimes... And for two, a Bull in a China Shop is hardly easy and careful! Now, I don't know where or how she got this idea in her head because I believe I am quite agile, contrary to her belief. In fact I fit under most coffee tables and kitchen chairs nicely....Okay, Okay YES I did get stuck and had to have help getting out.. but I could have gotten out by myself just fine, I just would have had to take a nap in between trying. Ugh.

Anyway while I was hanging out the window, the neighbor's mom took this pic of me. She's real nice, she always tells me I'm cute and pets me and stuff...

Man I cant wait until the baby grows up a little... then its Romping time!

My rents' are thinking about asking the neighbors and their rents' to come over this summer and hang out in the back yard. Our pool will be up and ready soon... I cant wait! I think this year I get my own pool... last year it was a no show- I still wont let the rents' live that one down!

Yes, yes, I know, I know.....I can hear the mailman's words of wisdom in my head 'be patient and be kind, love and respect your parents because they know whats best for you'. Ugh- I hate having a conscious....Although, I do like treats!