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Monday, January 22, 2007

Long Long Long Time no Blog?!

Holy Moly there has been soo much happened since I was last on here...

Let's see, Dad got a really good job, (more treats for me) Mom got moved up and now has a new title at Clinique.... (I still wont let her paint my nails though cause' that's drawing the line- the powder in my winkles is girlie enough- even though it does feel good - BUT DON'T TELL HER I SAID THAT!! )

My Lovie Girlfriend Zoey has a new sister named Marlie... I guess she is a little fluffy Pomeranian (I don't know what possessed Aunt Kaycie into getting one of those dogs.. I hope Zoey doesn't feel bad like her Mommy doesn't like her anymore- I know its not true... But hey, on the other hand, maybe she could come and live with us!! Then we could play alllllll day long!) I think Ill ask the mailman what he thinks ( since he is the guy who brings all the good and bad news, maybe he can make something happen for me!)

Mom has been talking to my original Breeder Mrs. Anne McCurdy and family, swapping pictures and talking back and forth and they sent me a message telling me that my REAL MOMMY lives with them and is doing fine!! How cool is that?!

Mom showed me a pic of my real Mommy and I look just like her! Her name is Jo Dandy Peggy Sue- aka 'Peggy' for short (just like me she has a 'for short' name! You know, 'Cyrus' for short?!)

That's soo cool!

Mom says that my breeder even breeds Maltese's and Mini Bulldogs too! (she does the Mini's for health reasons cause some of us big Englishers often get sore and stuff cause we are so strong and all) Not Me though! I'm a tough guy to the core!! I haven't even had to go to the Vet because of being sick EVER!! Mom and Dad say its good genes and good food- but I say, I don't have time to be sick cause I'm a Rock star! Its just not fair to my fans!! (okay okay mom is yelling at me to be modest- ugh ) But at any rate, my real parents did a good job with me!! :)

Mom and dad are talking about getting me a little friend (bulldog) to play with sometime soon- and it will be a girl ( lord I hope she isn't all about that smelly girlie spray stuff mom tries to put on me- Ill be crossing my toes). Mom says that they want to get one from my breeder or my relatives (both are in my links above) But the new one I just added is my original breeder's new site and it is if any one's parents are interested..... (oh yeah, I think Mrs. McCurdy is going to put more pics of me on that site too so check it out as much as ya can!)

The 'rents are also thinking really hard about letting me be for stud... (not really sure what that means but I think it has something to do with me being a dad?!) Either way pretty cool!

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MJ's doghouse said...

You could be my stud any day Cyrus...but...alas...I am just a mutt mix...i will just dream