Life through the eyes of a pampered Bulldog.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello again to all my fun furry friends!

Im trying to not keep you all in the dark about my daily happenings but the 'rents are such losers sometimes because they never seem to let me on anymore.

Today Im a bit under the weather. Ive been dealing with those stupid seasonal allergies us bullies get. You know, the same old itchy hotspots on the belly just tucked in close enough for me to be to fat to scratch it but out enough that my rolls rub it to annoy the beesknees out of me....The same old irritating interdigital cysts...Those stupid things are so darn sore! They swell up and then end up bursting and bleed! The vet says that its just a bulldog thing and he says that because they are such short lived cysts, theres nothing to do for 'em but to soak 'em and suck it up! Ugh. How convenient. So I have had to endure the baths with oatmeal and the toe soaks with epsom salts. Let me just tell ya.... IT SUCKS! .....Er...Well....The process sucks- but the pity and attention rocks!!! (Well, minus the bunny ears) Im always waiting for the 'rents to bring home a new chew toy or soft blanket or some sweet smelling treats while Im afflicted! (Do I know how to play the game or what?! - Im telling you pups, the best way to get any goodies is to welt up those sad eyes and make sure to limp once and look back at them! Its a surefire way to score some treats!)

Speaking of treats, a rather cool- ah hum- (cooler than my 'rents obviously) - ah hum- person contacted me about her blog. She tests dog products on her own dogs to see if other dogs would like them. What a cool job man! I wish my 'rents could get a job like that! I mean, seriously, those dogs have it made for sure! Her website is

and right now shes doing this thing where if you post about it, she'll send you some goodies from Dogswell! I mean, duh right?! Me + free treats = BLISS!! (I suggest you do the same!)

Later dudes!


Ruby said...

Hi Cyrus

I just stopped by to say hello.
I love your blue rabbit ears.
Have a great Sunday

Love Ruby

Lindsey Dueck said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention!
And a link would be much appreciated!! Thanks so much!

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Oh so sorry for your allergy, I wish I could do anything to stop it.
I would be very please if you pick any Award from my blog.
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- Caption, type anything you like, like thanks Mango (hehe).
- Image, browse on your dektop, open the Award image.
- You may want to choose "Shrink to fit".
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Voila! It's on your sidebar, easy, right?
Pick any Awards that you like, I mean it.