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Monday, October 17, 2005

what a nice day!!

Today was so nice out! I got to spend the day outside!!! I love sunning myself in the grass!!! And, the best thing is....I dont need any sunscreen!!!! hehehe
Today was mommy's favorite cousin Jessi's birthday party...of course I couldn't go so I was pouting but I had fun sleeping in!! Mommy had to wake me up and I was kinda cranky when she got home!!
Earlier today aunt Bayleigh, mommys mom and dad were here to pick up mommy and daddy to go to the party and I was so excited!!! But, daddy says that I need to work on the no jumping on visitors rule in our house or I'll be in big trouble!!!
I hate it when I get in trouble....
My aunt Tara hasnt been over to see me in a while....Mommy has been so busy lately that she hasnt returned any of her calls or anything!!! I think mommy is going to be in big trouble too!!!
Well Im going to go try out my new bed mommy fixed me after I got my baffie!!! Talk to you later!!! Bye bye!!!

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Rollie said...

Cyrus...I need to tell you something about your froggie. Please be careful to not swallow his guts, or you might get real sick! You should visit my blog today to find out more details!