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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

what a beautiful day!!

Today I was so excited because once mommy got home she took me for a long walk. I got to wear my bandanna and play in the leaves! I love wearing my bandanna it is camo green just like my collar. Mommy said that she thought all dogs were color blind but I can see all colors. I can even distinguish between red and pink. I love pink.It was the color of shirt mommy was wearing when she first saw me! Ever since then mommy and daddy let me pick out toys wherever we go that allow dogs. I usually like to pick green ones when my daddy is around. I think he likes green too. I have a blankie that has pink and green on it!! Daddy says that pink is for girls but I dont mind, just as long as mommy doesnt dress me up in it I'll be fine!! I love autumn! Mommy planted some mums and asters outside and I think they taste yucky. mommy says they are poisinous to doggies so Im glad I didnt swallow them!! mommy took a picture and one of them looked like I was a flower!!! I said as perty as a bullflower!!!
Mommy made pumpkin cookies last night and I have been begging for them ever since we got home!! I think I have a secret look that makes mommy give me some of her food everytime. Daddy says that they shouldnt give table scraps to dogs cause he used to have a doggie named Beau and he got real fat and mean. I told them not to worry about the mean part in me cause I am a lover not a fighter!!
I am so excited for halloween cause I get to be a pirate this year!! Mommy is going as a girl pirate and I get to help pass out candy!! They wont let me go to the block party down here at OU. I heard them tell uncle Justin and aunt Kelly that it wouldnt be safe for me to go. Mommy thinks I will get scared. Im not scared Im a tough guy!!
I want to be Captain Jack Sparrow off of Pirates of the Caribbean!! But I think Daddy was thinking about being that but he hasnt made up his mind yet though. well Im going to go eat some real food not those yucky flowers anymore!!!

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Arrrr Matey!