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Thursday, October 06, 2005

man oh man!

Well today was a weidr day for me because mommy didnt say by to me and then daddy left in a hurry for work and when mommy came home she was right on the computer talking to aunt Melinda.... And you know what?? Mommy told me that Rollie said that she might have a crush on me!!! Can you believe that? A real crush...On me!!! Wow!! I think Im in love!!! Mommy says I dont know what love love is yet but I will someday.....I dont know but Im excited!!
Well I got into trouble again today because that mean old chi wa wa was mean to me again today!! A couple of weeks ago daddy and I were going for a walk and past his house and I just wanted to give him a lick and say hi... well he was real grumpy and bit me in the hurt my feelings...I moped around all day after that....
Mommy says that his mom or grandma is kinda nuts anyway, so I kinda feel sorry for him having to deal with her all day long!!! But man he doesnt have to be so mean!!
I got him back though by doing my business on his bush outside his house!!!
Man where is my daddy? I have been waiting for him all day long and he is an hour and half late!!! I have been driving mommy crazy by yelling and pacing the door for him!!!
He had better bring me a water bottle when he comes home or Im going on strike!!!
Thats right Im going on strike with Rollie!! Its called the Gets No Love Dog Strike!!!
We will start a new dog love movement you will see!!
Ooooh wait gotta go mommy has the pumpkin cookies out!!! Yummmmmm!!!!


Emmi Lou said...

Hey Cyrus! Our mommies are going to have to get us together sometime to play! Mommy said for me not to get a crush on you because you're an older man, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her ;-)

Anonymous said...

Excuse me mister...but you're mine!!!! This is Zoey by the way...and we're already getting married, so NO CRUSHES FOR YOU!!!

:o) Tell your mommy and daddy that my mommy and daddy say hi, and we want to be pirates for halloween too!

Rollie said...

Hi cutie...uh, I mean Cyrus! I just wanted to say that your Mommy takes good pictures of you! And, uh, yeah, that's all. See ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cyrus, This is Grandma Thelma. You are a very beautiful Baby!!!!!