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Friday, October 14, 2005

I am Famous!!!

I am sooo excited!! Mommy told me that I am featured on my favorite bulldog site!!! The people from the site liked my pics so well that they put me on a whole separate page that talks about my breed's temperment!!! I am so excited!!!! how cool is that?!!! Mommy said that the site link is ""
Also, last night mommy and daddy went to walmart and brought me back a new toy its a fluffy green froggie that goes rrriibbitt!!! I had a blast playing with it last night!!!! I even slept with it too!!!
Daddy has the day off today but hes not awake yet and isnt feeling so well....he ate pizza last night and daddy cant eat pizza very well!!!! It hurts his tummy but he still likes it though...thats how I feel about mommies pumpkin cookies too!!!
Mommy is at work right now so she cant upload any of my new pictures on here but she will probably tonight or tomarrow on her day off...
Im going to go try to wake daddy up!!!

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Emmi Lou said...

Hi Cyrus! That's great news! Mommy says that I could be a model if I wanted to. She was thinking about taking me to a photographer and getting my pictures taken. I hope she puts my bow in my hair, I feel so pretty with it.