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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

look at my new friend!!

Here is my new friend!! I haven't caught his name yet becasue everytime I see him when I go out, he runs up into the drain pipe...Thats where he lives hes pretty funny...and fast too!!
Mom says I should call him chip cause hes a says that hes is the skinniest chipmunk she has ever saw...usually they have fat little bellies and cheeks full of goodies like me!!! I had to get rid of my pet piggie for a while while mommy figures out why it will mess up the blog on internet explorer but not on mozilla....mommy says the coding is complicated so I didnt ask.......
Well yesterday mommy and daddy went to mommy's mommys house(grammie#2) and they brought me back something to wear on my neck...its a corrective collar that I am supposed to use at night when I start barking like a crazy boy as dad says....I guess I have been getting on thier nerves with my yelling all night but its only cause I am mad at them for not playing with me at my prowling hour which is usually around 11:30 or 12:00am depending on how much and when I ate that day... anyway if I bark real loud it will beep at me to tell me to stop and if I just ignore the beep it will give me an annoying little doesnt hurt though. Grammie2 trains her weimeriner puppies not to bark at night with it and she says that it works very well!!! Sammie, aunt Bayleigh's new puppy is a whole lot younger than me and he has already been trained with the same collar I am using!! So I guess it works...but I've found out that if I bark real soft or just wine a little bit, the collar doesn't hear me and I can still make noises!!! I love to find the loopholes!!! So if I act real good and dont bark for a couple weeks when I have it on then that means Im trained!!!
I got to sleep in real late today....I am real comfortable in my new bed so I love to sleep all the time now!!! I also was able to jump up on the couch and take a short snooze today so that was very nice!!! Mommy just let me sleep for a while and after about a half hour mom sat down next to me and said "are you done yet" I was like "what" then she snapped the camera at me and said "Cyrus you sound like you are sawing logs over there" I though it was funny and so did she so we laughed together and then went outside which is what I need to go do right now so ....c-ya!!


Emmi Lou said...

hey cyrus! yes my parents are getting married! i'm so excited! mommy says that they are going to elope and then have a BIG reception somewhere, but it hasn't been all planned out yet! mommy says that feb 14th is the day they HOPE to marry but things may not work out! i'm so excited about our new house and my new room! hopefully mommy will make it very pretty so i will have something nice to look at when mommy and daddy leave me at home when they go to work! hey, i like your friend! there was a squirrel in my yard the other day and i ran full speed at it and pulled mommy really hard on the leash. she said i'm getting very strong and i pull her around sometimes!!

Rollie said...

I love your new friend! He's too cute! I wonder if you could put him in your mouth?
And by the way...Please don't tell my Mommy about that collar...I don't like being shocked. What is being shocked anyway? I don't know...but I don't like the sound of it! Maybe it doesn't hurt you because you're a big and strong male...but regardless of my size...I'm still just a girl! No shocks for me please!!!!

Kaylee said...


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