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Friday, November 04, 2005


We finally got cable and now mom and dad are glued to the tv watching everything in high definition!! Its either the computer or the internet! Always one or the other!!! We havent done much here lately cause mom has been sick with a cold and dad has been working late a lot...Mom watched a show last night when dad was in bed and she started crying!!! My mom never crys!! she must be sick!!!! It was some girly show that dad always makes fun of her for watching......She tells us "oh you two are such boys" and I can definetly agree with dad when he says "shes such a girl"!! I cant remeber the last time I cried!!
I got introuble for peeing to bed last night...I peed on my blankets in my room and mom found em and yelled at me....and threw them in the washer and now I dont have anything to lay on but the does that suck!!!
Mom says she starts her new job next week...shes excited cause her last boss was crazy!!! She feels sorry for Emmilou's mom because she still has to work for her.....I feel sorry for her too!! I guess Emmi got into a fight with her uncle baxter and they got into trouble....I wonder if Baxter said he was sorry......I know that my chi-wa-wa neighbor never said he was sorry for biting me in the face.... He ran at my mom and dad the other day.... I dont understand why he is so grumpy all the time!!! Maybe he is related to mom's old boss!! hehehehe!!!


Emmi Lou said...

Cyrus! You peed on your blankets?? Ohhh I bet your mommy was mad!! I pee all over mommy's floor while she's sleeping and when she FINALLY wakes ups she is soooooooo mad at me! I guess gramma spent almost $400 getting our carpets professionally cleaned and I'm not supposed to pee on the floor anymore or I will get in trouble! Oh well, I think it's funny when mommy gets mad anyway.

Rollie said...

Don't make fun of your mom for crying! You boys have no sensitivity what so ever! MEN!!!
I hope my little Jager doesn't grow up to be a man! Mommy said she's raising him that he'll be a girl when he grows up! hehehe