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Friday, November 11, 2005

What a fun surprise!!!

Today is my birthday- well I'm 11 months old today!!! And.... Today I heard a knock at the door and to my surprise it was my PRINCESS ZOEY THE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh was I excited to see her!!! She has gotten real big and we played and romped and kissed and nuzzled and romped and we wrestled and played some more and we ran around and we jumped on each other and sniffed each other and we god slobber all over each other (I guess bulldogs are sloppy kissers hehe) and I showed her around to my newly arranged room and I gave her my toys to play with and we laid down together and we wrestled some more and she is getting pretty strong she even got me down for the 1.2.3. count!!! I was amazed!!! Ohhhh I was sooo excited!!! She's the best I missed her sooo much!!! Last time I saw her she was too little for me to play with but now she can even get me down!!!
oh we had a blast!!! Mom was trying to take pictures of us but we were romping and playing so fast that she could barely get a clear shot!!
Later that night I got to play with mom and dads friends doggies! Their names are freya and Roddick...They are Black Labs . I got a long real well with freya but roddick and I kinda got into a fight cause we were all eating our treats that their mommy gave us and roddick came over and took mine out of my mouth and tried to bite me...So we kinda got into it and he bit me in my face but I think I scared him cause I was growling real mean at him.... But we ended making up and playing later!! Their daddy says that Roddick has a bit of a jealousy streak in him when other dogs are around eating food......Freya just looked at me the whole time like oh don't worry about him cause he's just acting like a jerk again...It didn't bother me any cause after he was finished being mean and pouting a little after he got into trouble we were all playing like normal again!! It was fun!!! Oh man what a fun and exciting day!!! After all that playing I'm pretty tired and I also got a baffie and now I'm all squeaky clean and comfy enough to go off to dreamland...I bet Zoey will be there!!! So I'm off!!!


Rollie said...

Hi Cyrus!
Guess what!!! My Mommy saw your Uncle Alex this past Saturday! Isn't that neat? They were both at a wedding and Mommy walked up to him and asked him if he was Uncle Alex! Mommy said he's real nice and that he told her about Zoey too!!!
I'm glad you were able to see her this weekend!

Rollie said...

Where are you??? I miss your updates, and your handsome face!