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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

website almost up!!!

my very own personal website is almost up now!! it will be on one of my links but it is Mom and dad were working on it for a long time last night. Mom says its for me to be a stud......I just tell her im already a stud!!!
Mom just got a new job she was really tired of her old one...she says that there was too much drama for her to deal with anyway so shes happy now...
Grammie had to go into the hospital again for a nother kidney stone.. but shes back home says that kidney stones are really painful. I hope that I never get one of those!!!
mom says that she will probably have them as well as daddy too cause both thier parents have had them.... Dad always tells mom to drink more water but she HATES water so she will probably be the first to have one!!!
last night mom was taking so many pictures of me and I was actually having fun while she was taking them ...I was strikin' a pose left and right!!!
and mom gave me some trukey lunch meat for a treat....I was so happy cause Im not really allowed to have any human food...... (well when they are looking anyways) Mom said that when I was a baby I ate a marbel and it came out plain as day!!! and then I chewed up a whole tube of a bingo ink was a pretty turqoise color and mom said that it took her an hour to clean it off my white little baby paws and mouth!!! I had it everywhere!!! it was fun!!! Mom wasnt having much fun though cause she was freaking out calling the poisin control center and vets from all around to see what they could do for me...I wasnt sick at all...I was having a good time!!
She finally found out it was non toxic.....but I was pooping truqoise for a week!!!
Now that made mom and dad laugh but I didnt think it was too funny though...

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