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Friday, November 25, 2005

cold old day

I went outside today and about froze my tush off... I think today is a great day to just lounge around all day...Kinda bummed though cause all the snow is gone...I swear when is it going to be time for me to go out and roll around in the snow and pull mom and dad on a sled and romp? I keep asking dad to take me out in it and play but he keeps telling me "no buddy the snows all gone for today" and Im getting a little pissed....ah bah ging back to bed...but on a lighter note mom sent my pictures in to the dog horoscope website to represent all the Sagittarius' out there!!! dun da duh!! super bully Saggitaruis to the rescue!!! And you can see my mug on the Mystical Board under 'post a pic' on or in my links!!! ( I think Im like the second one on the page of dogs!!- that is if they havent updated new doggies on there yet)


Emmi Lou said...

Yes... I can't wait for the snow to come back either! I never really got to play in it that much and I want to really bad. My Mommy sent a picture of me to the dog horoscope website too! Hopefully they'll post the pictures soon so everyone can see our adorable faces!!

Emmi Lou said...

Hi Cyrus! This is Emmi's Mommy Kaylee! I still haven't came up with who your Mommy looks like... I have no idea! But I'll tell you right now, she definetly doesn't look like Pheobe from Friends... That's for sure!

Rollie said...

Cyrus, my Mommy said that your mommy reminds her of Mischa Barton, at times. That's a good thing...Mommy says that Mischa is beautiful! What do you think?