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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


We had so much fun on halloween (well mom and dad called halloween the block party) Mom and dad were Pirates and my costume wouldnt fit me so mom and Kelly went and got me a different costume and I was 'Zorro'. I was really weird!! I had a fancy cape and the came with a mask that went over my eyes but I thought it was too annoying and tasty for me to have on my face so I tried to eat it!!!
Later that night Kelly and Justin and Kaycie and Alex all came over to get ready for the block party....they were all dancing around and drinking stuff that smelled like mom's cough syrup and drinking out of wee little cups...big enough to gulp down...They had a great time....every one was taking pictures and we all had our costumes on and we were all just acting funny and having a blast!!!
I wish it was Halloween every day!!! well minus the going to the block party...I of course couldnt said that we all wouldnt fit in a cab but I didnt think I would take up that much room, but I guess there was no point in arguing with her when everyone was on her side...But I was pretty tired after all the excitement though!!!
here I am in my costume...Mom and dad got a whole lot more pictures but of course most of them were really silly and crazy and mom says that most of them come with a story too long to post on the net....

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Emmi Lou said...

Oohh Cyrus you look so handsome in your outfit!!! Mommy looked for my angel costume FOREVER and couldn't find it anywhere!! But yesterday Aunt Kenzie dressed me up in a little pink bikini so I felt pretty...