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Sunday, December 11, 2005


"So its my birthday, So its my birthday....
Ima gonna do the jig...
So its my birthday, So its my birthday...
Happy Birthday to the Pig" hehehe Yay!!!
I am now officially 1 year old today!!! I have been dancing around the house all day... mom told me all night last night that today was going to be my said that I was probably a fat little bully pig even when I came out of my real mommy's belly!! I cant wait until dad gets home to see what kinds of gifts I get!! Mom already let me get up on the bed and lay there for a few seconds and I heard talk of making some doggie treats especially for me and if i heard them correctly, I think that my gal Zoey Poey is going to come and visit me!!! Ill share some treats with her for sure!!!

1 comment:

Miss Emmi Lou said...

happy birthday cyrus!!

i can't wait until my birthday... it's not till april 15th though. mommy said it's kinda like christmas but not as good... i still get presents though!

let me know what all you got!!