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Monday, December 26, 2005

My Christmas

Well I had a great christmas!! I got to see my lovey on christmas eve and she got me greenies and I got her a stocking full of pink toys.. since thats her favorite color....I was so upset cause' her foot was bleeding real bad.... I think she stepped on a sharp stick .....So mom and dad fixed her all up and gave her a foor soak and a peticure.......we played after she was all fixed up and I showed her my secret cave where I store all my toys.... shhhh dont tell mom but its behind the papasan chair hehehe!!!
On christmas mom and dad went to grammie #1 and 2's house and Paw Paw Dan's house...Mommies favorite cousin Jessi and dad have a tradition that every year they wrap each others presents up so tight that they have to work to get into them.. well this year Jessi topped it all!! She put dads present in a wooden box and NAILED AND SCREWED IT TOGETHER!!!!
it took him a good half hour to get it open!!! Mom said it was soo funny!!!
I ended up getting a new sweater (cause I hate going outside when its cold to do #2 hehe) 4 chew toys and a pull rope....oh yeah and a christmas ornament with a bulldog, my name and the year on it... mom put it on our money tree cause we didnt put up a tree this year...
but I got to open up each present.. it was fun!!! Pretty much the only time Im allowed to run around with paper in my mouth.... So much fun...I wish it was christmas every day!!!
I hope you all had a good christmas too!!!


Minou said...

merry xmas! you sound like you had fun.
i'm worried about rollie...

Rollie said...

Cyrus you look amazing in that sweater...kind of gets me hot and bothered! hehehe
Anyway, it appears that you had a great Christmas and that Santa Paws treated you well!
Did you see Aunt Tawny, Uncle Hung and Grammie?

Miss Emmi Lou said...

oh cyrus you look so handsome in that sweater!! you need to come see me sometime so i can hump you.

sounds like you had a really good christmas!! i did too! i was SUPPOSED to get a sweater too but mommy says that she's going to make me one herself. a lot of people in her family knit and crochet so she'll have good teachers.

that avatar thing on your blog is so cool!! mommy is going to make one too.