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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Big news

Well Some big news.... Mom and Dad's friend and Rollies Mom, is having a baby!!!
And, Emmi is allowed to have a puppy of her own like Rollie... I am actually a little peeved cause' I never heard any mention of me being able or allowed to have a baby to look after or a puppy of my own... I am going to have a serious talk with the rents' about this.....Something just doesnt seem fair to me!!
On a lighter note, dad came home yesterday and took me to see grammie and to my surprise, Mom was there... which that kinda peeved me too cause that means that she went to grammies without me... I always love going there cause I get to chase the 6 toed bandit ( toby the cat) around the house... its so much fun!! and when I got there mom and grammie were jammin music loud upstairs while they painted and sorted through pictures and old interesting stuff that I would love to go up there and chew on if I could stand the smell of paint and cleaner...
Mom always tells me that I am such a she has grammie saying it too and grammie tells me I am just like my dad cause I dont like the smell of anything that "smells clean" just cause I dont like any type of wipes or cleaner....I guess if that makes me a boy and more like my dad Im willing to take the title...
I mean so what I like to fart and snort and snore and fart some more whats wrong with that? Thats what bulldogs do right? Arent we supposed to be the clowns of the dog world?

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Rollie said...

Something definitely seems a bit off about this situtation! But I have given it some thought and I think I have come to a great conclusion! Your mom doesn't realize that you'd want a baby or a puppy of your own because, and I quote, "you're such a boy"!!! Most people think that babies and puppies are a "girl thing"...but they're not!!! I bet if you clarified this for your mom and told her you wanted a baby or a puppy, she'd give in and get you one! Good luck! ;)