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Friday, December 02, 2005

Sooo Much Fun!!!!

Well I had a fun evening!! Dad had the day off and then Grammie came over and we made pizza and cookies and grammie and dad danced around the kitchen(while drinking thier funny smelling "grown up drinks") while mommy laughed and shot video footage of them and I of course watched and danced around with them!! Oh man we had a good time!!! I was the center of attention the whole time and I loved it!! I told dad that we need to do this everynight!!
After all the celebrating, I am soo pooped so I am going to take another nap! (oh yeah by the way, I havent "went" on mom's blanket for a long long time and so mom and dad rewarded me with big fluffy blankets to sleep on in my room..I love them now and mom took some pictures of me snoozing away on the new fluffies!!!)


Baxter said...

Hi Cyrus!
This is Emmi Lou's uncle, Baxter! My sissy, which would be Emmi's mommy's little sister, helps me with my site! I sort of know who your mommy is from Kaylee! I need some more friends, so I decided that I would talk to you! I'm a guy too, but you are a very handsom dog too, if I may say so myself! Okay well I'd like to start talking to you! Bye

samiwami said...

Hello Cyrus!
Wow! You are really handsom! Well, I'm trying to get new pics of me on my site, but I'm a one year old yellow lab. I'm Emmi's aunt, we don't get along very well, but that's okay! How old are you? Maybe we can meet! Well I'm sorry that the neighbor's dogs don't like your mommy! My sissy, Kenzie is scared to death of big dogs! Well I'll will talk with you later! Bye