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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Me as a puppy

Mom and Emmi's mom have been online talking for like ever and everytime I turn around I cant seem to get online because shes always on there... But... Mom and Kaylee were talking about how cute we were as puppies and mom showed me some pictures and I had to put them on here!!
(Also.. I have great news!! mom told me that me, mom and dad are going to go over to emmi's house sometime real soon and we get to play together!!!! I am so excited!!!!)
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Miss Emmi Lou said...

cyrus you are so handsome!!

Rollie said...

Cyrus, I'm sorry for abandoning you lately. My Mommy is real tired and hasn't been able to help me get online to update posts and say hi to you! Please forgive me!!! I've missed you! Whimper...