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Monday, June 26, 2006

Its me again!!

Well well well, Im allowed on here again finally!!!!
Ive been mostly running around enjoying the summer, playing in the yard, sunning on the porch and the lawn chair, going for rides, meeting new people and puppies.... ya know that kind of stuff...
Im getting a little more trusted now because now Im allowed to runn around the house wiothout being "baby gated" to one specific area because I havent " torn up" anything lately....
-Now, in my opinion I dont "tear up" anything... I just have fun with it and I end up not knowing when to stop....
However- ( Yes I said however- mom has been telling me that Im going to have to go to grammar school because I have been too mouthy lately.. even though I know thats not really whats he meant when she said grammar school) Anyway- However, I have not marked my territory in a very long time in the house... partly because I think the cat knows his role in this house with me in it - hahaha - But seriously, dont tell him that or he wont secretly play with me at night when all is asleep in the house.... We almost got caught the other night at around 3:30am when mom got up to get a drink of water- or in her case tea because shes nuts and wont drink "plain tasting water". I was running around the kitchen table about mach 90 chasing Toby and he jumped on the counter and surprisingly hid from her right in front of her face!! Ohh is he smooth!! She only found out he was up there because he had been digging in moms plants (which was what fueled the chasing spree in the first place) and she noticed a dirty cat paw on the kitchen counter top! Ahh man, he sooo has to teach me some of his smooth moves!! Im thinking it may be a bit difficult being that I am not in the least bit aerodynamic.... Or at least as much as he is.... I think it's because I have 2 extra "weights" hanging from my back end that weighs me down... Dad says that they will come in handy when My gal Zoey gets to be at least a year and half... Then we can have babies... I dont think Im quite ready for that responsibility yet though because I like to run around without responsibility But... I have infact been practicing though! Thr 'rents got me a new toy a few weeks ago and it makes the cutest noise like a baby and it fits perfect in my mouth... So I take it everywhere with me.. and after I clean my paws, I give it a bath too! and I take it with me when ever I go outside to potty and also to bed with me... I always make sure that I show it what Im doing so it can learn like the puppies will learn.... I call it my baby and so does everyone else...
Mom has been watching the dog whisperer Cesar Milan, on the animal planet) and has sadly figured out a few of my tricks that I have pulled in the past to get my way- so unfortunately, my whining to get my way with the dominant one in the house( pack) DOESNT WORK :(
Eh, Ill figure something out.... but until then... im going to sleep- I just got a bath and mom put some lavender essential oil on me and Im snoring sitting up.... better get on with it!!!
Shout outs go to Zoey, Gunner, Emmi Lou, Sammi, Ellie and Minou Pitou!!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Cyrus,
Great to see you back bloggin' ! We have missed you !
Opy and Charlie

Brody the Bulldog said...

Hey Cyrus!
(snif snif snif *snort*)

It's good to see another bloggin' bully on the web! I was starting to think that maybe I was the ONLY one! I'll be sure to check back in sometime soon -

Much slobber,

Brody the Bulldog

Jason said...

Hi Cyrus! I just wanted to "Paw it Forward" and let know that we enjoy reading about your antics. Keep up the good work

Simon, Scarlett, & Shelly (and Jason, the one with fingers that can type)