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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Well, Mom has been working on my website a lot more lately- I guess some very nice people from want me to have my pics on their cool doggie newsletter site....Im excited about that!
Annnnnnd....THE BOOK CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!!! The pet book in which my pictures are featured and I even have a bio in it too!!!
I have been strutting around the house and yard all day... and I told mom that she is going to have to move the mirror over in front of my bed a bit so I can look at my handsome features- She just rolled her eyes at me and told me to 'behave'. She always has a way of keeping me modest- but, eh, what can I say... I cant help it if Im just that awesome!! Yep- I know it... The bitches love me..... (WHAT? They are female dogs!?) Mom just said that she can tell I have been hanging around with my dad.... hehehe
Speaking of female dogs..... My honey buns, Zoey came over on Saturday!!! God I was sooo excited to see her!! We romped and played and oh do I just love her!!! Mom caught us on camera running around and knocking each other over on the slippery floor!! And best of all I heard mom and dad talking to aunt Kaycie and uncle Alex about going down and seeing seeing them in Cincinnati this weekend, and Zoey and I get to have the house all to our selves baby!!! Aunt Kaycie works at a dog specialty store and Zoey told me that her mom brings her new toys home all the time!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!
Aaannndd, I also heard them saying something about Zoey and me getting to have babies...which, that kinda scared me a lil bit and I had a talk with dad about it and he says that I have nothing to worry about because, dad says I will be a great father and they will be around to help with the babies all the time.... and- DONT TELL MOM THIS- but hehe Dad said that it would be a perfect time for me to make fun of mom for being an old grandma!!! ahahahha
Anyway- you can go to my real website for some bulldog tips and info and click on My Website link above!

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