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Friday, August 25, 2006

Zoo in the back yard?

Im a little less mad at my mom today.... She has been giving me treats all day. But I think Im gonna milk this up while I can!
Nothing new to talk about... although I am noticing a weird new trend in the back yard and Im thinking its turning into a Zoo. Last week there were terrible bees (I tried to pee on their 'nesting place' and they got a little mad- but it was MY pee post! - well actually it is mom's flower pot basket but its MY PEE POST..... I like it so therefore its MINE (dad says I get that mentality from mom heheh)) anyway, there were terrible bees and then came the slugs, then came the tomcats (who like to get into our trash and tear up the yard - so I chase them off) and NOW we have a new FROG! Mom thinks that it was our giant Bullfrog, Harriet who ran -or I should say HOPPED- away's, baby. But we dont know. He is really teenie tiny. I think I shall call him Dinky. But even though hes small, Im still going to have to go have a talk with him and let him know who rules the roost around here... Mom says I should behave but, I think it's only fair because he is in fact at the bottom of the pecking order right? I think so.....

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Tigersan said...

Careful when trying to have a chat with that frog. He might decide to blend in to the green and hide! ;)