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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gunner came back!

Hey all!
Well, last weekend was the Parade of the Hills and I DIDN'T get to go :(
Mom and Dad said it was way too hot for a big bullie like me to be out in that heat with 'every dirty, germie filled set of hands wanting to pet and wallar' all over me.... Hey, I don't have a problem with that!! I love kids- especially ones with a big plate of French fries or those cotton candy wands, mmmm.... Those are the best! Anyway- back to the point.... So on Saturday, Mom, Dad and Grammie went to see the Parade and I guess they walked forever in the heat and got all hot and sweaty... (I wonder what it is like to sweat all over hmmm....) But anyway, when they came back home to rest, we had a knock at the door and guess who it was?!!!!
GUNNER!! I was soo excited that he came back to see me because I thought his 'Rents would be afraid that our testosterone would get the best of us two together and wouldn't bring him back over to play- but thank god they weren't!
When he got here, he must have been worn out because he didn't really want to play... So we kinda just laid around the yard and had peeing contests... We ran around the yard and peed on pretty much everything that we could to see who could mark last....
Being that it was really hot outside, the marking smell must have got to our 'Rents because Dad got the hose out and ruined our progress by spraying every noticeable pole and flower pot in the yard..... Ugh, 'Rents- they don't have a clue!
So we had to start all over again! Eventually, we got tired and we both just laid around the yard in the cool grass..... Oh I thought I might mention that I won the marking game because hehehe when Gunner left, I made sure I peed on the tikki torch one last time!!! hehehe Dad called me a cheater but, hey- what can ya do?! hehe

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Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Nothing like a good round of pee war!

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