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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Tribute to Gunner.....

Mom has been on the computer like everyday sometimes up all night on it because of her job... Im not liking her job.. its taking up all my time on the computer.. its making me mad!
So much has happened since my last post- like always- thanks mom... ugh... anyway..
I made a new friend a few weeks ago.. his name is Gunner and the best part is HE IS AN ENGLISH BULLDOG JUST LIKE ME!!!
His mom and dad are good friends with my parents and so Gunner and I get to hang out and play in the back yard!!!
last time he came over, we played for hours and then we both got tired and a lil cranky with each other and then something happened where Gunner went to grab my toy like usual, no biggie, and he accidentally grabbed my lip instead and I got real mad and we had a lil fight.... twice actually...
I feel really bad about it though cause I didnt know he didnt mean to do that until afterwards and I guess I flipped out because a long time ago I was playing with dads other friends black lab and he was a little mean and we were eating treats and he grabbed mine and bit me real hard on the face- INTENTIONALLY and I guess my memory of that just flashed at me and I sort of flipped on Gunner.. I didnt mean to really because I really do like him.. hes my little buddy!!
So Gunner, and Gunner's mommy - whom mom tells me was really upset about it with us being like their little babies and all- I AM REALLY SORRY :( AND PLEASE COME AND VISIT ME AGAIN TO PLAY....I PROMISE I WONT TRY TO REMEMBER THE BAD MEMORY OF THE MEAN LAB INCIDENT!!!! I promise!! we can go for walks - if our 'rents will let us (with the leash of course) and then maybe you can teach me how to say your battle cry noise and I can teach you how to pee with your leg cocked up!! ;) See, this me and Gunner being lovey!!! I hope he can forgive me!!


Anonymous said...

Cyrus I promise I will come back to play with you! I feel like a superstar on the internet with you! Mom gave me a lecture about how to play a little nicer, and I am working real hard on it! talk to ya later

Love Gunner!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...


What a great doggie you have ! Would you mind if I added him to my website ? I am trying to get a central place together for as many dog blogs as I can. Have a look at the website, and let me know if you mind me adding Cyrus.
Thanks & Regards,

Ellie said...

Hi Cyrus,

I hope you and Gunner make up soon and play together soon. I love your blog! You're a super doggie.

Anyways, I have to go to sleep now. It's been a busy day!

Woofs and Kisses,