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Monday, February 06, 2006

Oh its about time!

Okay Okay...Enough with the snow already...Im so sick of never knowing when its time to go lounge in the pool...oh god I miss the loungechairs and the pool..ohh and the nice Ice chips that mom puts in a bowl for me right near her/ my lounge chair while I sun my pink belly and mom smears that sweet smelling slippery stuff on her legs...... and the water fights I get into with the hose.. that damned thing..... shhhhh dont tell mom but I think Im old enough to cuss now...Mom isnt ready to accept it yet though... duh, I mean what does she expect? I remember when I called her mommy (Dont tell he, but now I only call her that when I want something) and then it suited them to be more called the rents' - which is better than the mommy and daddy thing and now I think Im allowed to cuss.. I talk back all the time...its so funny! The rents' get so mad at me when I do that... they tell me not to get into the trash and yell "NO" in thier deamon voices and I just turn around and peep back a good cuss word ..... Dad thinks its funny when I get the last word in on mom because he can rarely ever do that with her..... Im one up on him now....
I heard mom telling grammie its like running after a toddler witth a 17 year old's sassy mouth....
Grammie just laughs at me and tells me "boy youre gonna get your tushie warmed up in the corner" But I have yet to see that happen....hehehehehe

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