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Monday, February 13, 2006

More and More Famous!

Im real excited because I just found out that I am going to be published in a pet photo book!!
My mom sent in some more pictures of me in a pet contest and mom and dad got a letter in the mail that stated that I am a semi finalist to win the "big" prize!!! AND I get to be "featured" in the book, " Cutest Pets Around The World"with a biography!!!
Mom and Dad had to sign a permission letter for letting me be in the book. I guess the book is scheduled to print in Spring of 2006 and will distribute shortly after that... I can wait to see my handsome mug in a real book!!!!.... Mom and dad still have all the copyrights of my photos though but go and buy the book!!! I cant wait!!!
A big Thank You to The International Pet Owners Club for the chance,
Um lets see, who else am I going to thank....Um....Oh, The Couch for giving me all that needed beauty rest or I should say Hansome rest( see I blend in, the rents didnt even see me, Im sure of it).....
Um ...Oh and the makers of my yummy bulldog food, Royal Canin, that keeps my coat nice and shiny and my teeth nice and pearly, and my muscles nice and bulky and oh..I guess I should gas not as rank (not that I care, but the rents get all huffy about me stinkin up the room when they are with me hehehe)
Oh..I guess I shouldnt be thanking anyone yet because I am not sure who got the big prize but...I am in the book!!! I am sooooo excited - Have I mentioned I am excited??


Miss Emmi Lou said...

oh wow cyrus!! that is awesome!!

you must be the luckiest dog in the world...

Eiren said...

Omg! we did too!! i'm soo exciteD! it's good to know that my fumble is in good company! :)