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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Well I think Im going to jump on the band wagon and be a tagger myself, just like emmi and minou! So here are 10 funny things about me!

  1. When I get a bath I run around the house as fast as I can, wrinkles to the wind-the rents call it the Cyrus 500.
  2. When the rents arent paying any attention to me I lay on the ground and make the most pitiful whiny noises I can to make em feel sorry for me and pet me.
  3. When mom sprays anything in a spray bottle I make a sour face and snort at her to make her stop.
  4. I fart in my sleep and wake up to smell it. (heheheh)
  5. I have my own ottoman that swings. if someone puts thier feet on it I just have to show my balancing skills- and to let em know its mine, not to get any ideas...
  6. Sometimes I sneek in the bathroom trash and pull out ear swabbies and eat them..but sometimes I hide them in my cheeks for later.
  7. I hate rain. when it rains outside I either try to hold it until I cant anymore or I tippie toe outside to go and then hop back in.
  8. If someone comes home with a bag or something new and they put someplace it wasnt before, I will bark at it until someone moves it.
  9. Whenever mom and dad hug I feel the need to jump up on them to break them apart...wheres the love in it for me?
  10. I love to dance. whenever I hear loud fun music (especially a song by "50 cent peice") I hop around on the balls of my feet and get the rents up to dance ...its so fun they laugh at me butI know they are just jealous because they dont have the moves like me.

1 comment:

Miss Emmi Lou said...

geesh cyrus... dancing??

i think maybe you are weirder than me!!

but i still love you!!