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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Im back!!

Im back!!! Well so much has happened since I was last on here!! Too much to go into...all I know is that I am excited that I am going to get to be around the kitty, Toby, at grammies more often.....He is fun to chase around and play with......
I can not believe the crappy weather we have here in ohio....I take back all the wishes for winter to come and replace them with summer so I wish for summer instead looking at all the pictures that grammie had made me want to jump in the swimming pool and sunbathe on the lawn charis like last year.....I sure as heck cant do that in the unreliable one day its 50 and the next day its 20 degrees outside weather we have been having.....
I swear it was like summer outside 3 days ago and now there is snow on the ground!!! I need to talk to the weather guy on tv and yell at him to leave the sun in one direction for a change!! All this changing stuff is making me have the sneezes!!! Mom took pictures of me when it was actually nice outside....she even let me play in the mud a little...imagine that?!!


Miss Emmi Lou said...

cyrus, i missed you!

you should have your mommy and daddy bring you over when they come to fix that GAPING HOLE IN THE WALL!

Rollie said...

Missed you handsome...glad to see you're back!