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Friday, November 03, 2006

Delayed Howl-o-ween Pictures!

Here are the Howl -o-ween pics where I was dressed up as Zorro- ( I had a mask too but I tried to eat it and mom threw it away)
As you can tell in some if the pics, we had a fog machine going for dads spooky stew he was brewing up (he was a crazy mad butcher ) I was pretty much lurking in the fog as we 'Zorro-ites' do (although everyonce in a while, I had to come out for some air because boy does that stuff choke ya up!! Sorry it took so long, stupid blogger wouldnt let me post any new pics on the last blog!- they really need to get that fixed!!


Studly Dudley said...

Cyrus, buddyyyyy!
Okay. Look.. we gotta switch up agendas or something.. or at least switch Mums and Dads when it comes to Halloween. HOW COME you get SUCH a cool, MANLY, STUDLY costume? Zorro.. I'd love to be Zorro.. hey, you'd love to be Snow White, right??
I think it would really help if I had a Dad to side with me.. so far I only have Mum and she likes to do mean things to me like put raincoats on me and clip my nails. Ugh. Please tell me you also suffer the same indecencies??
I think Mum should get a hubby or something.. then maybe I'd have a cool Dad like you do (did he have any bones for you since he was a butcher?). I keep telling Mum she's gettin' on in her years.. 84 already in dog years.. yegads, no wonder she can't find someone to settle down with, geez. Mum's a geezer.

Anyway Cyrus, I'm glad you linked me and I'll do the same.. it's just.. I'm so sleepy right now.. big bulldog yawns every 5 seconds.
Bed time for me!


Studly Dudley said...

Oops I can't do math. Holy crap, she's 147 in dog years.. ew.. disgusting..

Anonymous said...

Very cute costume! Sorry you had to endure the fog, but it did look really cool!

Lola said...

Awwww, so cute. Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

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aquabot said...

How's you do really looks cool......You might be using photoshop for some kinda color correction don't you...!!!!