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Monday, September 11, 2006

Feeling the Oats!

So, yesterday I was really 'feeling my oats' so mom says... I was apparently annoying the crap out of the 'Rents because mom decided to start bugging me right back- first she got out the toe nail polish - which, thank god Dad stopped before I was brindle and white with PINK all over!
Then she layered me up with some hula lays, then she got the bright idea to put her sweatshirt on me- oddly enough, it actually fit me!- Mom had to even cut the neck of it a little bit to get it over my big head! (oh well, you know what they say about having a big head?- That you have big brains!) Take that my silly little human master! My brains are bigger than yours! AHA!
Needless to say, I was so pooped out (tired) that I was the one that ended up being annoyed.... She always gets me in the end.... Darn her!
Today Im bummed out... not only did it rain outside but, my left front paw is sore.... I have another one of those 'Interdigital Cysts' so I had to stand in the tub for a half an hour in warm water and epson salts - GRRR!
Fortunately, for me, they only seem to last about a week when they are caught when it hurts the most or is red and puffy...
Mom says that bulldogs get them most and no one really seems to know how or why dogs get them but are probably caused by debris in between my toes....(YEAH LIKE STUPID OLD PINE NEEDLES!) Oh man, I hope she didnt hear me... I heard them talking about me saying that Dog Boots are going to be a must have item for this winter.... Im not to fond of the idea because my luck, mom will friggin buy me some hot pink ones- Hopefully Dad will step in.....

So now, I am lounging around with my new akc bird toy with an herbal calmative in my system and stinky Bag Balm in between my toes! I feel better though... I at least dont feel the urge to lick the bump off my foot!
So its Kick Back and Relaxin' time!

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Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

It's called Hollywood Head. You will notice all famous movie stars have very big heads - it works better with the camera!

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