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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Time for a change in weather

I have been hearing talks of Halloween this year. Mom wants me to be a pumpkin like my girlfriend, Zoey, and Dad wants me to be a vampire dog because he says I have the fangs down pat!
I dont really care this year what I am as long as I get to hang out on the porch and lick the faces of all the kids that come up to get the candy!
Man I am not looking forawad to this Winter weather... I was soo cold yesterday I was shivering on the floor- yes with all my blubber, I was shivering.... and Mom put a shirt on me... It warmed me up quite a bit. She took me outside where finally the sun was shining and I laid there and tried to soak up as much sun as I could before I went back into the house.
Why cant it be summertime all year around? Stupid Ohio... I think Im going to go to the mailman and tell him I want there to be no more winter. He should know what to do. After all, he is the person who brings all the change anyway right? He brings good news, he brings bad news, he should be able to change the weather right? We'll see.....


salchicha & lilly said...

Hi Cyrus! You are one cool dog! We can understand the cold, we have human grandparents in Iowa and Oklahoma, so we know snow.

Being in Texas we have 90's still. Why not send us a little of the cool weather from Ohio?

Stop by our blog, we enjoy new friends.

Jay said...

I think you will look nice in both. Really!

fee said...

i like pumpkin! have they started making the costume yet?


Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

You are a nice looking guy.

Is there an exchange doggie program. Maybe we can both start one. You love summertime (Singapore is summertime all year round) and I have never experience the cold.

If the mailman fails, try making a wish to Santa (christmas is 2months away).