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Monday, December 08, 2008

Hog Heaven

I survived Turkeyday. I know many of you were concerned that I'd overindulge myself and gain much un-needed weight. So, rest assure my friends, I scored no Turkey. The 'Rents and I went to my Grammies house the day before the feast. There I met up with my Aunt's dog Zuzu. Shes an Italian Greyhound. Shes pretty cool but, I can't keep up with her! The cats and I think shes on the dog equivalent of crack. She is always running and constantly chasing something. When shes not running around, shes shivering cold, trying to get into someones lap or crawling under covers. I told her that she might gain a fat wrinkle or two if she hung out with me for a while and stopped all that running. Now, I have no problem with her trying to get on to my Grammies lap, my mom's lap or anyone else's lap. But the pint size crossed the line when she snuck up on my dad's lap. I walked in from outside to this wretched sight. What did I do? I walked right over to her, gave her the stink eye and ate all her dog food. (I even snuck a few bites of cat food just for good measure.)
Mom just thought it was absolutely hilarious. She underestimates me. As you could guess from the pic, mom had a heyday with dressing her up. The coat she has on is a real dog coat. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little jealous cause, she did steal my shine for a minute.
However, as for the grand feast that I drooled over for weeks, neither one of us got any. Not even a nibble. So at least I got fair treatment. We ended up staying down to Grammies for 3 days. It was fun but I definitely missed my own bed in my own room where I am not woken up at all hours of the morning by a shivering, wet nosed, little stick. The fart method only worked a couple of times...
I was so tired when we got home, I slept for two days! No joke! Mom came in every couple hours to drag me outside! I was exhausted! I actually found a new napping spot on one of the 'Rent's over sized comforters. They had it laying in the spair bedroom after they unpacked from Grammies. I copped a squat and found it quite relaxing. So relaxing, that I refused to sleep in my actual bed!
Dad went ahead and just laid it on my bed in my room since I had wallered and adorned it with white bulldog hair. Of course mom ended up taking it out of there and moved it to the living room because I wouldn't come out to socialize. So now, I have a new nap spot in the Dining room under the table! Who could ask for more- well I could use some Cheez-Its, a Nylabone, and a chew toy. But for right now, I'm in hog heaven!

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Ruby said...

Hi Cyrus.
I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving. It would be tiring having to chase that stick Zuzu around for three days. Enjoy your new nap spot.
Love Ruby