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Friday, July 18, 2008

My relaxing Friday

Today I woke up, went out to go duty, came back in and took a short nap.
I woke up bummed as usual, mom had that friggin' camera in my face because apparently I just looked miserable.
I tested her sympathy by going over to the stairway and whimpering while constantly looking back at her. (yeah I have to actually ACT like a dog sometimes to get my way- hey Im no dummy!)
She ended up feeling bad for me so she grabbed that camera and we headed outside for a walk around our lake.
- I should mention I have been on strike here lately. I decided that it is no fun to walk in the grass. I always end up stepping on some of that ironweed grass and that stuff hurts man! So, now, I am either 'slow as moses' walking through the grass or trotting away on the pavement.

The rents unfortunately won't let me 'duty' on the pavement so they usually have to drag me through the grass with little avail on their efforts. (Yeah, I sometimes have to forfit the poopy snacks when Im feeling extra partial to the pavement.)
So, we went outside 'slow as moses' around the lake. I decided to inspect the local plant life and
its hydration when I came across a very particularly interesting plant that actually made a whistling noise as the wind blew. I of course had to taste it just to make sure it wasn't made of cheez-its.

Disappointedly, I turned around and looked at the ducks (that poop all over the ground near the water and I have to swerve and dodge all the duck poo everytime I walk over there) and I tried to get in the water.

Of course mom wouldnt let me because it requires me getting a bath immediately after and I just had one yesterday. Yeah, I know what you are thinking- 'Cyrus, you can't swim! Why would you suddenly want to get into the water?' Well, to answer your assumed question, I have developed a love /hate situation for the water. As long as it is not above my head, requiring me to do any of that leg work to keep me afloat, Im good. Im a wader. I like the waves on my belly and the mud squishing between my toes. I find it quite relaxing.

So I sat there by the waters edge and took it all in for a few.

Dad came home and walked over to us. We ran around a little bit with the ball. We played tug of war and keep-away with it. I just really wasnt in the playing mood after all. I just wanted to relax and sit by the water. Mom calls me a beach dog now. She thinks I would be a great companion sitting by the beach soaking up the rays while listening to the ocean with her. I am not sure what the ocean is. I've never been. However, everytime the 'rents come back from that so called ocean, they are burnt to a crisp. (Well, dad is anyway. Mom tans) I think I am more like dad though because we seem to both get pink instead of the color mom gets. Rudely, she calls us 'little pink pigs'. We get no respect! Anyway, it started getting dark and we ended up going back in for dinner. I took a long look and apparently it was 'so hilarious' to the 'rents to see me savoring the moment with such a relaxing view. I swear, my 'rents are so shallow. Im gonna play the sad faced game I did today so I can do it all again tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. They may catch on to my scheme. I underestimate them sometimes.


Mango said...

Don't worry, the sad face ALWAYS works for somebody as gifted with it as you.

Don't you eat the fowl poop? Its really yummers (better than rabbit poop).


MJ's doghouse said...

Well |I am so glad you are bag online Cyrus...i have been missing your blog...good work using the whining and stuff...they teach us these things for a reason you know....

Nanette said...

Okay, so the grass did not taste like Cheetos, but was it still good?

Beta said...

Love your pictures Cyrus. You're very photogenic.

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hi Cyrus,
I don't have a bulldog friend before, can we be friends?
You look so cute, your blog is so funny, my hooman sister is crazy about your breed cutie shape.
Please stop by mine and sign my guestbook, thanks.

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hello there! Whatcha doing?
I miss you!

boxer puppies said...

That is a very cute bulldog breed! Being a bulldog lover, I can tell you that your dog is from a v good breed!! Love your pictures and funny story :)